Can We Guess Where You Live Based on Your Favorite TV Shows?

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While the monoculture means a lot of people from around the world like the same things, it is possible to triangulate where someone lives based on their television tastes. Let's see if we're able to get a correct guess!

What sitcom is awesome?

Which superhero rocks?

Who is the most evil villain?

Who is the funniest funny man in a comedy?

Who is the funniest straight man (or woman) in a funny show?

What show has the best production value?

What show do you think people outside of your culture just don't get?

What show best showcases your region's awesome natural beauty?

What show best showcases your region's splendid urban life?

What's a really thrilling drama you like?

What's the best dramedy?

What star could you watch in anything?

What city could stand in on TV for the city that your favorite sitcom is set in?

What city could absolutely never be mistaken on screen for the biggest city in your area?

What is the best reality TV show?

What accent should a hero have in a great show?

Is everyone in your favorite show uncannily beautiful?

Do the women in your favorite shows magically have the ability to walk around on high heels all the time, without getting blisters or just being miserable?

In your favorite sitcom, do the main characters live in an apartment that you envy?

What is the most terrifying monster from your favorite TV shows?

What show set in your home region is most accessible to people outside that region?

Can a show set in your home region get a local cast and crew together without having to bus them in?

What makes a TV show well-directed?

Do you like to get your favorite show all at once and binge it, or week by week?

Could you bear to sit through your favorite shows with ad breaks?

If you watched the very first airing of your favorite shows, what commercial might you see during an ad break?

Does your favorite show contain uncensored cursing?

Do your favorite shows have nudity?

Who do you think is the fan base for your favorite sitcom?

Who do you think is the fan base for your favorite drama?

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