Can We Guess Where You Live Based on Your Manners?

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We can all agree that good manners are a important. They grease the wheels of society and make sure that people feel appreciated instead of steamrolled when they go out of their way to do things for others. They signify that you care about people, and those of us who are not so socially adept to fit in at events where we might otherwise be intimidated or say the wrong thing.

However, while we might agree on the principle, we don't agree on the form. In some places, sending a thank you note after an interview is mandatory, while in others, it is a sign of desperation and lack of respect for the interviewee's time. In some places, you put your knife and fork together in the center of your plate to signify that you are done, while in others you cross them on your plate. In some places, walking slowly on the sidewalk is the height of bad manners, but canceling on a party at late notice is not a big deal, whereas other places have those rules the other way around.

It's all about the culture you grew up in and what you absorbed from it. Tell us your idea of great manners, and we'll identify your home area down to the region and maybe even the town!

How many handwritten thank you notes do you send per year?

Do you own personalized stationery?

Do you check with guests before a dinner party, in case of allergies and food preferences?

A much richer friend wants to spoil you by inviting you to their country house for the weekend. What do you owe them in return?

Do you know all the proper forms of address?

Is it rude to have your phone out at dinner?

How do you handle slow walkers on the sidewalk?

Is it ever good manners to tell someone to just shut up?

If someone comes back from the restroom with their skirt tucked into their underwear, do you tell them?

You see your host has left some medication on the table. What do you do?

Would you ever fail to RSVP to an invitation?

Do you do a table plan before a dinner?

If you offer someone wine and they say no, should you offer again that evening?

A work friend asks for a reference but you're very busy. What do you do?

You go to a friend's show and it's just ... bad. What do you say afterwards?

If you're at a dinner party, who do you talk to first?

You're going to a wedding. What will you definitely NOT wear?

You fall asleep at a friend's house. Have you been rude?

You're on a bad date. How soon is it OK to make up an excuse and leave?

You are on a plane and someone behind you keeps kicking the back of your seat. What do you do?

A little kid is running amok in a restaurant. What's the best thing to do?

Someone leaves a voicemail for you. What is the longest time you'd wait before calling them back?

If you are invited to dinner, what do you bring?

You said you'd go to a party but you're exhausted. What do you do?

Someone at your place of worship is the worst person in the world. How do you convey that you cannot stand them?

You work from home and hear your neighbor's dog alone in their house, sounding upset. What should you do?

Do you gossip?

You find out someone at work has been talking about you behind your back. What do you do?

At the company softball game, Joe the Slow wants to play. How do you make sure he's not on your team?

If you had a lot more money than a friend, what step might you take to make sure they didn't feel uncomfortable when you hang out?

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