Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based on Your Manners?

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Meeting someone for the first time, you can sometimes place exactly where they're from based on their accent, how they're dressed or some of the key descriptions they use when they talk about their hometown. Something else that can be a dead giveaway-- their manners! We're all familiar with terms like "Southern hospitality" or know right away when we're talking to someone from New England just based on how they're carrying themselves and approaching others, but what about diving a little bit deeper?

Consider people who always hold the door open for others, or drivers who refuse to let others into traffic when they know they've been waiting their turn. These types of traits are learned, not just something you start doing on your own. Sure, Americans definitely agree on a number of ideas about politeness and etiquette, however, manners are highly subjective and certainly context dependent. Everyone has their own set of manners that they believe is appropriate--a lot of that being based on where they come from.

So, can we guess where you're from based on what you value and what you consider are good manners? Regardless of your track record with politeness and etiquette, do you think we can pinpoint where you grew up based on your answers to this quiz? Let's find out!

You're stuck at a red light and it finally turns green. But of course, the driver in front just won't move! How many times do you honk at them?

You've just finished an interview for your dream job. How long do you wait before sending out thank you notes?

While at a restaurant you notice that another guests' sweater has slid off their chair. Do you go pick it up for them?

Earlier this week you made plans to go out with your friends, and now you just aren't feeling it. How do you tell them you aren't going to make it?

You're writing an email to a new boss. How do you address them?

You've been invited to a wedding with a business casual dress code. What do you wear?

When is it appropriate to have your phone out at the table during a meal?

Sitting down at dinner with you SO's family for the first time, where do you place your elbows?

At the office, a co-worker comes up and starts spilling a juicy story about another colleague. How do you respond?

A friend walks up to you and they have a little bit of food stuck in their teeth. How long does it take you to tell them?

As you're paying your check for dinner, how much do you tip your server?

Walking down the sidewalk in a larger group, you notice a single person coming up from behind quickly. What do you do?

Do you hold the door for others?

A stranger has stopped you on the street and asked for directions. Do you help them?

You just missed a phone call from your mom. How long before you call her back?

You're sitting at the table with friends and you've just finished a huge, delicious meal. You're now feeling the urge to belch. Do you let it rip?

You're sitting in a theater taking in the latest blockbuster when your phone begins to ring. Do you answer?

When driving, do you ever let people into traffic in front of you?

You've just entered a home whose owners have a "no shoes" rule. Do you take your shoes off?

When greeting an acquaintance or someone you know professionally, what do you do?

Your next-door neighbor's dog has been barking incessantly for days. How do you respond to the noise?

You're at a friend's house and you notice some opened mail sitting on the counter. Do you read it?

You and a big group of friends are watching the Super Bowl at your place when one of them steps right in front of the TV. How do you ask them to move?

When addressing a woman, say in a store, how do you refer to her?

A person who speaks another language has approached you, how do you respond?

How important to you is it to say "please" and "thank you"?

What do you bring with you when you are invited to a get together?

During a soccer match you're playing in, your team loses. Do you shake hands or high five the other team at the very end?

How good are you about covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough?

Be honest, how flaky are you, really?

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