Can We Guess Where You Draw Your Strength From?

By: Sara Palmer
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What would you do if you saw a friend being bullied? How would you react if you were punished unfairly at work or faced a life-threatening situation? Do you know where you draw your strength from? 

We often don't realize the true depths of our confidence and strength until the moments when we need them most. You are often inspired to stand up for yourself and others, but do you know why? For some of us, strength comes from compassion. Your heart empowers you to be strong in the face of adversary. For others, it's the mind. Your insight and intellect give you the power to think through challenges and find a path to victory. Then there are those of us who rely on the body, on our physical strength to overcome obstacles. And finally, some of us draw strength and support from the people around us - those who inspire, encourage and empower us every day.

We need strength every day. Our world can be chaotic, and there can be times when we need to confront a situation with determination and courage. When you feel afraid, challenged or hurt, who or what do you rely on for strength? Take this quiz and find out! You might be surprised to find out where your well of courage starts.

When you see a friend being bullied, what do you do?

Your boss gave you an unfair review. How do you handle it?

You see an old woman on the street getting mugged. What do you do?

Which superhero do you think has the most strength?

A loved one you were close to has passed away and you are heartbroken. How do you deal with this hurt?

You found out your significant other has been lying to you. How do you confront them?

Someone thinks you are making a move on their partner and they are angry. What do you do?

Which U.S. president do you think shows the most strength?

You are on a roller coaster and get stuck upside down. How do you stay calm?

You didn't mean to, but your actions hurt a friend's feelings. How do you address the situation?

What kind of animal do you think is the strongest?

You find out a friend has been spreading rumors about you behind your back. How do you respond?

You were passed up for a promotion at work and are feeling like you just aren't good enough. How do you get through it?

Why type of parenting style do you think is the strongest?

What is the first emotion you feel when you think you are being treated unfairly?

You have been given an assignment that is more challenging than you are used to. How do you work on the parts where you lack knowledge?

Your partner, child or pet has to undergo a risky surgery. What activity would you do in the waiting room?

Which TV mom do you think has the most strength?

When you are threatened with danger, how do you react?

Your parents are thinking about getting a divorce and they both want your opinion. What do you say?

What does the quote "The pen is mightier than the sword" mean in your opinion?

Which song would pump you up and build up your confidence before a job interview?

Your doctor says you have to have a shot—and the needle is huge! How do you get through it?

Which movie shows what true strength really means?

You see someone steal an item from the store. What do you do?

Your partner asks you to do them a favor that you really don't want to do. How do you handle it?

You have to make a decision that will hurt one of two people. No matter what you do, someone will get their feelings hurt. How do you decide what to do?

Your friend's partner has been hitting on you all night. You have always found them attractive. How do you get out of it?

You are driving down the street and see a dog running through traffic. It looks really scared and is growling. What do you do?

Which of these challenges reveals the most strength?

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