Can We Guess Where in Canada You Live Based on How You Speak?

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To any non-Canadian, there isn't a whole lot to speaking like a Canadian. Thanks to Bob and Doug Mackenzie, most people will toss out the words "eh" and "hoser" and hope that qualifies them as an honorary Calgarian. Those of us in Canada know there's a lot more to it than that. We can pick a Newfoundland accent from a Nova Scotian. We know the different between 'berta slang and Quebecois slang. Some of us know where to go to get a mickey of rye and others know how to deke out an opponent when playing a game of hockey. 

Regional slang in Canada is as varied and interesting as the people you'll find from coast to coast, you just need to have an ear for it. The more you learn, the easier it is to figure out where people are from and what they're saying. Learn enough and you can effortlessly watch a whole season of "Trailer Park Boys" and then "Letterkenny" without having to Google a single word or phrase. But that's for experts only. In the meantime, why not fill us in a bit on how you talk? We'll pick over your vernacular and tell you exactly where you come from n Canada. Take the quiz and see!

Did anyone pick up a two-four for the weekend?

We're heading to the woods. Where are we going to stay?

What'll ya have at Timmies?

Need to pick some up scratchers and a Coffee Crisp? Where you headed?

It's fizzy, it's full of sugar, and it comes in a can. What is it?

You have electricity in your house, right? What do you call that bill that comes every month anyway?

It gets a little chilly in Canada, doesn't it? What are you putting on?

Your head's getting cold, too. Better put something on it!

If we're having dinner, you need some forks and knives, don't you? Unless you call them by another name?

Time to confuse people in other countries. How do you get your milk?

Someone just did a great job! What's an acceptable reaction?

So how do you say "Toronto" anyway?

We're going out for a run in a bit. What's on your feet?

We all know the Caramilk secret at this point. You take the chocolate mold and then you fill it with what again?

If you plan to spend a while in the mall you need to leave the car somewhere. But where?

There's not enough room for everyone to sit on a single chair. Good thing we have a ________ .

It's pasta. It's powdered cheese. What is it?

If you're looking for something to do, you could always color a picture. What do you need to get that done?

What do you call an apartment so small the dang thing doesn't even have a bedroom?

The car is running on empty and we need to fill it up. Where are we stopping?

Not to get too personal, but give us another name for underwear.

What do you powder a powdered donut with?

If you can't make it to Tim's, you can make a coffee at home. What'll whiten it up for you?

What goes into a poutine?

Incidentally, how do you pronounce "poutine?"

Where do firefighters work,anyway?

Everyone knew that one kid in school who was always angling to be the teacher's pet. What else do you call them?

The situation is bad. Very bad. You might even call it _______ .

What'll ya have to drink at the bar?

Who's serving up fries when you're out and about?

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