Can We Guess What Zodiac Sign Is Your Soulmate?

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Are you going to wish upon a star for the answers?

Your zodiac sign is much more than a marker for what time of the year you were born. It is a tool that can be used to decode complex parts of your personality and better understand yourself. One of the key things to remember about each sign of the zodiac is that none of them are wholly perfect. In fact, each and every one of them has a very delicate balance of diverse traits that can be seen as strengths in some contexts, and weaknesses in others.

When it comes to the relationships that we have with others, these zodiac signs (and the personality traits that we can see being attributed to them) can help us understand why we are seemingly drawn to some people. They can also help us understand why we can't seem to get along with some people in our lives, no matter how hard we try - like forcing two mismatched puzzle pieces together, it can almost never be perfect. This quiz asks a handful of questions that can be used to figure out which zodiac sign your ideal significant other is most likely to fall under. Are you drawn to someone who exudes passion, or someone who is focused and driven? Let's jump right in and find out!

Which of these colors speaks to you the most?

Out of these four movie genres, which would you prefer to watch?

How long should a couple wait before marriage is put on the table?

With which of these four zodiac signs do you get along best?

If you had to choose one of these vacation destinations, which would it be?

Out of these four things, which one is the most important for happiness?

If you had to choose only one of these pets, which would it be?

Which of these flavors appeals to you the most?

If you could have one type of fast food appear right in front of you right now, which would you choose?

How much sleep do you usually get?

Out of the four classical elements, which one best describes you?

What is your drink of choice?

Which of these music genres would you listen to right now?

You can only choose one of these for breakfast tomorrow. Which one would you choose?

How would you be dressed if you were alone at home?

If you had to choose one of these date activities tonight, which would it be?

With whom do you live?

To which of these subjects are you drawn?

What do you commonly call your significant other?

What about you usually attracts potential romantic partners?

If you had to choose one superpower, which would it be?

Which of these mythological animals is the best?

Out of these four traits, which one repulses you the most?

Out of these four traits, which one attracts you the most?

If you had to choose one season to be your favorite, which would it be?

What do you find yourself worrying about most often?

Which of these months is your favorite?

You wake up tomorrow and gain a psychic ability, which one would you prefer to have?

What time are you going to sleep tonight?

If you had to choose one of these gemstones, which would it be?

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