Can We Guess What Your Future Daughter's Name Will Be?

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Names derive from a bunch of different sources. The last name "Smith" is so common because surnames used to correspond to profession, and there was a time where being a blacksmith was the trade of choice. Some families have traditions where children's first names are the surnames of family members whose lineage was coming to an end and the family wanted to continue the family name. Some people name their children after their role models. Then there are those who just throw a bunch of letters together and call it a name.

Have you ever sat down at talked about what you might want to name your child and a name comes up that was also the name of someone you hate? You're most likely always going to associate that name with that person and it will never be possessed by your child.

Little things like this that you don't even realize impact the decisions you make every day. What other decisions determine what you might name your child? Take this quiz and we'll guess your future daughter's name!

Do you want your daughter's name to match the current trends?

How important is it to give your daughter a name that she won't get bullied for?

Does it matter how the first name sounds with your last name?

Have you thought about nicknames?

Do you want to name your daughter after anyone?

Are there any names that are automatically ruled out?

What do you want your daughter's name to say about her?

Do you want the name to be one that everyone can spell?

Is it a deterrent if someone you know has used a name you want?

What would happen if you loved a name, but it had a different meaning than what you want to give off?

Would you let other's opinions influence the name you choose?

Will you have a theme when it comes to your children's names?

Do you think people with certain names are more attractive?

Where will you draw inspiration from for your daughter's name?

Would you take monogram into consideration?

How much thought are you really putting into your daughter's name?

What will you do if you just cannot think of a name?

What if your mother hates the name you've chosen?

What if your partner wants your daughter named after them?

How do you feel about your own name?

Does where you live impact what name you will choose?

Will you choose the name ahead of time, or wait until your daughter is born?

How much of your personality do you want present in your daughter's name?

If your daughter wanted to change her name one day, would you be upset?

Will you tell people the name before the baby is born?

Would you ever use your maiden name as your daughter's first name?

What is the most important thing that a name should represent?

What would you do if you ended up regretting the name you gave your daughter?

What if you and your SO can't agree on a name for your daughter?

How many syllables ideally are you going for with the name?

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