Can We Guess What Your Build-A-Bear Will Look Like?

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Whether it's your first time or your tenth time visiting the Build-A-Bear Workshop, you are in for a fun time! When you build your bear, how will it look? Let us use your answers to guess!

What kind of hat would you most likely put on your bear?

Other than teddy bears, what animal makes for a cute stuffed animal?

Who are you most likely to take to a Build-A-Bear Workshop with you?

Which classic video game did you like most?

Who are you most likely to build a bear for as a gift?

Which is closest to what you wanted to be as a kid?

How would your friends describe your sense of style?

What color outfit would you choose for your bear?

Where might you visit a Build-A-Bear Workshop?

What do you like most about Build-A-Bear Workshop?

Would you say that you are creative?

What do you like most about teddy bears?

If you were taking a bear to a hospital guest, what else would you take?

What one word would you use to describe your job?

What kind of class would you take at a park district?

Which word describes the way you hope your bear looks when you are finished?

Which childhood toy did you like most?

What is your favorite board game?

What animated character might you try to make your bear resemble?

If you were to work in a hospital, what would be your job?

Besides Build-a-Bear, what store in the mall might you visit?

Would you design a large bear?

What sport are you most likely to play?

What name would you give your bear?

What occasion might you give someone a Build-A-Bear as a gift?

What holiday would you most likely celebrate with a bear?

If you couldn't build a bear, what animal would you build?

Which "Toy Story" character do you like most?

Did you have a favorite teddy bear as a child?

What nickname might your friends call you?

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