Can We Guess What Nail Shape You Prefer?

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Unless you frequently manicure your nails, it's unlikely that you think about your nail shape very often. If you're not into decorating your nails, you probably haven't consciously shaped them. To you, your nails are nail-shaped. Sometimes they're round. Sometimes they're ovalish. Other times your nails are varying shapes, and you need to cut or file them down. If that's you, you may find it interesting that there are at least 12 different nail shapes. If you're someone who is always doing something different with your nails, you might be able to name all the shapes and maybe a few that you've created.

For those who aren't familiar with nail shapes, they range from classic to unusual. You're likely to see someone with a rounded nail, an oval-shaped nail, or a shape called the squoval, which is a squared oval. You will have to do some searching to find someone with mountain peak nails or arrowhead nails. Other nail shapes include square, almond, stiletto, ballerina, edge, lipstick and flare. Some of those shapes can be made using a person's natural nail, while others require gels or acrylic to be created.

Do you currently have a favorite nail shape? If so, will we accurately guess it? Find out by answering a few questions!

Are you bothered by sharp edges on your nails?

Do you frequently wear nail polish?

What is the longest your nails have ever been?

Have you ever worn jewels on your nail or had your nail pierced?

Which classic video game could you play for hours?

Which celebrity's style would you love to steal?

Do you play an instrument where long nails could make it difficult to play?

Would you create a Pinterest board dedicated to potential nail designs?

When you get stressed, do you bite your nails?

Which fashion capital of the world do you believe has the best style?

Has anyone ever described you style as unique?

Could you see yourself maintaining a nail shape long-term?

Do you enjoy eating finger foods or do you find them too messy?

How often do you workout?

If you were to start a band, what genre would the majority of its music fall under?

Which social media site is your favorite way to connect with friends?

When there's nothing to watch on television, which show is your old standby?

Have you ever thought about creating a YouTube channel to showcase your creativity?

Of the following U.S. cities, which do you feel best suits your personality?

Would you ever consider painting your nails in the color of your favorite sports team?

Are you more a dog person or a cat person?

What is your favorite aspect of pop culture?

If you could be friends with a cereal mascot, which one would you choose?

Which breakfast food do you grab when you're in a rush?

Could you see yourself living in Los Angeles?

Have you ever thought about getting a complete style makeover?

When you're painting a room, do you often consider putting in an accent wall?

How old would you say your current car is?

Which fast food restaurant is your guilty pleasure?

In the morning, you're most likely to drink which beverage?

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