Can We Guess What Movie Title Describes Your Sex Life?

Zoe Samuel

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There's no right way to have a sex life. Whether you prefer to save yourself until marriage, keep it vanilla or monogamous, or you're all about acquainting yourself with as many people as possible in as many ways as possible, as soon as possible, then as long as there's proper consent and respect all around, it's good news. There are as many different approaches as there are ways to have sex, and goodness knows that's a long list!

Still, most of us tend to follow certain patterns when it comes to our sex lives. Some of us are monogamous and prefer to keep things interesting with a single partner forever. Some of us are dating around but not interested in commitment, though we like to have a few reliable partners we can count on for a good time. Some are walking on the wild side with parties.

Any of these might be as vanilla or as kinky as they want to be; after all, the quantity of encounters doesn't tell us much about the type! What we do know is that whatever you're doing, there's a movie title that describes it with uncanny accuracy - and if you tell us a few NSFW facts, we'll let you know what it is!

How many partners do you have in regular rotation right now?

What's your "number"?

How kinky are you on a scale of 1-10?

How often do you like to have sex?

How much more or less sex are you having than you'd like to be having?

How long do you consider a "long stretch" without sex?

Do you always ensure your partner is satisfied before you are?

Be honest: are you good in bed?

Do you spend a lot of "alone time" enjoying yourself?

Which of the below is likely to be the best partner from a standpoint of sheer pleasure?

How do you feel about casual sex?

What's the main reason you might turn down sex?

Your partner suggests something new, and you're not sure about it. What's your position on that?

Do you know how to negotiate soft and hard boundaries?

Do you believe that monogamy is natural?

How comfortable are you just asking for consent?

Do you like some dirty talk?

How sympatico are you with your primary partner?

What's the main thing you get out of sex, other than physical pleasure?

What can a partner do to put you off sex?

Do you have an exhibitionist streak?

Do you feel like you can tell your partner anything?

When did you first have sex?

How was your first time?

Do you prefer lights on or lights off?

Do you have a toy box?

How do you feel about makeup sex?

Does your partner know how to satisfy you?

Have you ever thrown someone pity sex?

Do you tend to schedule sex, or do it spontaneously?

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