Can We Guess What Kind of Truck You Own Based on Your Favorite Soul Foods?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Except for your truck, there's not much on earth that can make you feel as satisfied and as full as a big plate of soul food. During this quiz, we'll ask you to step up to a virtual soul food buffet and make some choices about your favorites. After you have picked out enough calories to power a whole city, we'll take our best guess about the kind of truck you own.

You might have a hard time believing that we can figure out your truck by examining your soul food preferences, but we've had a lot of time under the hood and in the kitchen. Given our experience, there's a massive correlation between the foods you eat and the truck you drive. Soul food powers your body, but your truck powers your soul!

Whether you reach for the black-eyed peas or the candied yams, it says a lot more about you than you might realize. Thankfully, we are too southern and polite to dig any deeper into your business than the kind of truck that gets you where you need to go. Do you think we'll get it right? 

Share your cravings and your soul food choices, and we'll know how you roll down the road!

What do you dip your hushpuppies in?

Do you ever crave candied yams?

Have you ever tried Johnnycake?

What's the best way to eat chow chow?

How would you prepare catfish?

Would you be up for trying ox tail?

Which of these pickled foods do you like most?

How many deviled eggs could you eat in one sitting?

What do you like to spread on your biscuits?

Do you know how to make chicken fried steak?

Which seasoning would you add to your black-eyed peas?

Could you eat a whole plate of chitterlings?

Do you prefer white or yellow cornbread?

Would you rather have pecan pie or sweet potato pie?

Do you like sweet barbecue sauce or spicy barbecue sauce?

What is the best way to eat grits?

Do you enjoy sausage gravy?

Would you put vinegar on your collard greens?

Have you ever tried raw rhubarb?

Which word describes your feelings about lima beans?

Would you enjoy a slice of hog maw?

How should cole slaw be served?

Do you like dumplings?

Could you whip up a peach cobbler?

What might you add to mac and cheese?

Do you like the taste of turnips?

How do you buy pork chops?

What is your favorite ingredient in gumbo?

What's the best way to top a baked sweet potato?

Could you drink a glass of buttermilk?

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