Can We Guess What Kind of Partner You Are Craving?

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When you're trying to meet someone, you'll often get asked what your "type" is. Even if they don't use those words, most apps and dating sites essentially want to know the same thing. Do you want someone tall? Do you want an athlete? Should they be blonde? Should they make over $50,000 a year? Should they know how to play "Rainbow Six Siege" like a boss? Should they hate the same bands you hate? There are a lot of ways you can refine what kind of person you like, from the essential things like "they have to be honest" to the very trivial "they have to want to watch zombie movies with the director commentary."

It's no wonder it can be so hard to meet someone in times when we all have such a variety of expectations we want another person to meet. But in general, we can often narrow it down to a few key personality traits and physical traits that really draw us in and make us fall head over heels for someone. And we're pretty sure our matchmaking skills are so on point right now that we can figure what kind of person you're actually craving. One way to find out! Take the quiz!

So what's your opinion on relationships in general? Do you "need" a relationship or just "want" one?

How many relationships have you had that you'd consider serious?

Why did your last relationship end?

What do you think is the best place to meet new people?

How many one night stands have you had in your life?

Have you ever kissed someone before you knew their name?

What's your ultimate couples vacation?

What can someone do on a first date to immediately turn you off?

What could your partner cook up in the kitchen to really impress you?

When you can't talk face to face for whatever reason, how do you like to stay in touch?

Is there an extreme sport you'd be down for trying with a partner?

Strictly in terms of physical traits, what do you find most attractive about another person?

Which of these skills would most attract you to another person?

What are you bringing to the table? What's your most attractive attribute in your mind?

Do you want a relationship like your parents had or are you afraid of a relationship like your parents had?

How important is it to you to go to new places and try new things?

Do you want a partner who's willing to cause a scene in a restaurant if the service is bad?

Do you have a large group of friends?

If you and your partner hit up the state fair on a date, what are you going to want to do the most?

How important is it that you get along with your partner's family?

What's the worst date you could possibly go on?

What's the best kind of movie to watch when you're snuggled up on the couch?

Would you ever date someone with a terrible personality just because they were hot?

All things being equal, how hot do you think you are?

How do you prefer to get over a bad breakup?

It's hard to recognize your own flaws sometimes, but let's try. What annoying habit might you bring to a relationship?

How are you spending a typical Saturday night anyway?

Do you have any expectations from someone on Valentine's Day?

Could you handle working with someone that you were in a relationship with?

Is there one particular hobby you'd want a partner to be into more than others?

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