Can We Guess What Kind of Man Gets You Off?

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In realistic terms, there are probably about 3.5 billion different kinds of guys out in the world. Unfortunately, that's a few too many to try to describe right here and now. However, we can refine that down a little bit if we try. Some guys are more into their own looks than others; some are very artsy; some are physically powerful; some are happy to read a good book. It's the diversity of life, and there are nearly endless options.

But in very general terms, there are some qualities among many men you find appealing without a doubt. The things you might list on a dating app when you're describing who and what you're looking for in a partner. The basic, bare bones "have to have them" qualities that you find attractive in other people regardless of how they look or where they're from. Those things are not only super important, but they're also the foundation of what makes a person attractive to you. We bet those qualities are so ingrained in how you look at the world we can even guess what kind of guy you're attracted to just from a few simple questions. Don't believe it? Why not take the quiz and find out for yourself?

Are you the kind of person who dates a lot or is it more of a rare thing for you?

Where do you usually meet new people?

Are you shy when you meet someone new or do you dive right in?

Have you ever taken someone home within a couple of hours of meeting them?

If a guy wants to get a second date, what does he need to do on the first date?

Speaking of first dates, what's the worst place a guy could take you?

If you saw your attractive neighbor getting changed through a window, what would you do?

Can you have sex with someone you're not in love with?

How do you feel about role play in the bedroom?

Would you ever wear some kind of costume to spice things up in bed?

What's the very first thing you do after you've had sex?

Do you ever send your partner sexy texts during the day?

Which of these qualities do you think is most important in a man you want to have a relationship with?

What's more important to you, looks or a sense of humor?

How important is it that your family likes the guy you're with?

Would you ever let your friends hook you up with a guy?

What can a guy do to turn you off instantly?

If a guy wanted to impress you by cooking a meal, what should he make?

Do you need to get married to prove your love?

Do you need a guy who can jump into any situation and take the lead?

Do you like a guy who's creative in the bedroom?

If you want to spend the night with your guy but he tells you he already made plans with his best friend, what happens next?

Is it alright for a guy to check out someone else when you're out together?

What's your favorite romantic comedy?

Should a guy hold the door for you?

Would you ever watch a dirty movie with your man?

Have you ever had a friends-with-benefits relationship?

Did you ever date someone your parents or friends told you was bad news?

How frequently do you want to be having sex with your man?

Would you rather have a guy who was romantic or really good in bed?

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