Can We Guess What Color Your Truck Is?

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Aside from a house, the biggest purchase you're likely to make is a vehicle. The truck you buy is a huge investment and ideally, you want this thing to last you a very long time. And since you're buying a truck, it's pretty clear you need it to do more work than you'd expect out of a VW Bug or some other little car. 

Your truck is going to be an important part of your life, so how it looks is going to reflect on you in some way. No doubt you want it to look as good as it can the first time you take it out for a drive and that means paint. The color of your truck is the first thing you and everyone else is going to notice. All the cool features in the world will come secondary.

Since the paint color is such an important facet of your truck, it might say a lot more about you than you realize. It's really a reflection of the kind of person you are. In fact, it's so much related to who you are we bet we can guess the color of your truck just by asking you a few questions about yourself and that truck of yours. Buckle up and take the quiz to find out!

Let's start with the basics of what you've got parked outside. What company made your truck?

Did you buy your truck to help you with work?

is this your first truck or have you had some in the past?

Never mind what color your truck is right now, tell us what color you would never paint a truck.

What was the deciding factor in choosing the truck you ended up buying?

Are you fanatical about washing your truck or are you cool with a little dirt?

Some of us are a little more possessive over our trucks than others. Is anyone else allowed to drive your truck?

If we opened the door to your truck right now would we see any junk on the floor in front of the passenger seat?

Your best friend is getting a ride with you and look, they have a big, sloppy chili cheese dog. Are you letting them in?

Let's say you open your door right into a cement pillar and dent it. What do you do?

Is it important that your truck can tow a lot of weight behind it?

When you're driving down the road by yourself, are you ever singing along to the radio?

If you had to drive a car instead of your truck, what kind of car would you go for?

What's the scent in your truck right now?

You're on a long stretch of highway with no one around. Are you speeding?

No doubt you passed your road test back in the day, but how are you at parallel parking?

Speaking of parking, have you ever gotten a parking ticket?

Vehicles are pretty high tech these days. What's your favorite gadget?

Your truck probably handles the city just fine but can it go off road?

What's usually in the back of your truck anyway?

Do you ever let anyone ride in the bed?

If you were getting some kind of sexy sports car would it be the same color as your truck?

Do you have a step to help you get up into the cab of your truck?

Torque or horsepower, which does your truck have more of?

If you blow a tire on the highway, are you good to change it on your own?

What are you keeping in that glove box anyway?

Do you pay extra for premium gas or are you good with whatever the cheap stuff is?

Not every driver on the road seems to know what they're doing. Ever get that road rage feeling?

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen sometimes. Have you ever been in one?

When this truck has outlived its usefulness, are you buying another one?

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