Can We Guess What Car You Drove in 1977?

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The 1970s are not really known as a good time in the history of American automaking. The '50s and the '60s were periods of great growth and some amazing designs came from that era. In the 1970s it seemed like something bad happened. Numerous issues with designs of several models created a bad public perception across the board. Infamous cars like the Gremlin, the Pacer and the Pinto were considered not just ugly but badly made vehicles. Compact and sub-compact cars began to replace the muscle cars of the previous era and it seemed like the whole industry flopped. Not to mention the 1973 oil crisis that led to a drastic change in fuel standards. By 1977, nearly all major manufacturers had been forced to downsize their vehicles to accommodate those standards.

These days we can look back and appreciate the few design triumphs, some of the incredible design missteps and the odd car that got a worse rap than it deserved. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20. At the time it was a different ballgame. Like it or not, if you were there you had to deal with what was being made. Think we can guess what you ended up choosing to drive? Take the quiz and we'll see!

There's no doubt "Smokey and the Bandit" was the best car movie of 1977. Did you see it in theaters?

If we hopped in your car right now, what would we find the radio tuned to?

Who else do you trust behind the wheel of your car?

The New York City blackout happened in 1977 and lasted for more than a day. Do you remember where you were when it happened?

Are you loyal to one car manufacturer?

The Atari 2600 came out in 1977 and paved the way for the modern gaming industry which is worth literally billions. Were you an old school gamer?

Elvis Presley died in 1977 at the age of 42. Were you a fan of The King?

Are we going to find an air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror?

You could argue the computer revolution began in 1977 with the release of the Apple II. Did you have a computer back then?

May 25th, 1977 was the date "Star Wars" premiered. Were you a fan from the very beginning?

What do you regret most about your fashion choices from 1977?

It's a Friday night in 1977 and you are hungry. Where are you going for dinner?

The punk music scene really took off in 1977. Were you a fan?

Speaking of music, what was the single best band the '70s produced?

Sometimes a car just seems like it can go faster than the posted speed limit and maybe you want to test that theory. Ever get a ticket back in '77?

On a quiet night back in 1977, what TV show were you most looking forward to watching on your high-tech 1977 TV set?

So we know what bands you were grooving to in the '70s, but what song made 1977 stand out in your mind?

Where did you get the car you were motoring around in back in '77?

These days when you're looking at a car, what's the most important thing you consider?

Who do you think makes the best all-around vehicles on the road today?

All things being equal, what's the best color for a car?

Let's say your car is in the shop. What are you doing to get around town?

You know how sometimes you get a craving for a big, messy, chili cheese dog? Are you eating that thing in your car?

Do you ever just get behind the wheel and drive for the fun of it with no destination in mind?

You can drive a car pretty well. Anything else you'd like to get behind the controls of?

In the modern age, who's making the sexiest looking cars on the road?

Movies in the '70s made it seem like everyone was racing everywhere. What were you doing in your car for the most part?

If a car wasn't an option, what kind of vehicle would you have right now?

Have you ever been involved in a car accident?

Did you ever take a date somewhere in your car where you could park and get to know each other better?

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