Can We Guess What Accent You Find Sexiest?

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We should all give more love to the auditory senses when it comes to attraction. Sure, what we see makes a difference, but wouldn't it just be that much more interesting to hear something? We think so. After all, it might be hard to fall in love with someone who had no voice at all. Attraction isn't simply about what we see, or even smell - it's also about what we hear. In fact what we hear pretty much is the cherry on top.

This is often why every one of us happens to have some sort of appeal in terms of accents. The sound of a person's voice gets into our soul. You know what we're talking about. The lingo, the bass, the flavor of the voice - that's what attracts us. It can melt our hearts and turn our eyes into stars. How do we understand what attracts us from a hearing perspective? When listening to someone's voice, it's all about your culture and your personality, which is why we're willing to bet that if you take this quiz, we can guess what accent's the sexiest to you! Give it a shot, baby....

What's your favorite cocktail to drink with your significant other?

What's your favorite way to kiss?

What's your favorite dance style?

What's your favorite hairstyle?

If you pictured your wedding proposal, where would you be?

What type of artist excites you the most?

What kind of flower would you appreciate the most (to give or receive)?

What's your favorite dessert?

What's your ideal date?

What's your favorite Disney film?

Which Marvel character would you like to dress up as or see your significant other as?

What's your favorite holiday to celebrate with the honey?

Do you like fair skin or dark skin?

What's your pet name for your significant other?

What's your favorite character you'd either like to be or be with from a TV show or movie?

You're about to go on a date and have a choice of what movie to see. What type of movie do you want to see?

Hugh Grant or Luke Evans: who's sexiest?

In all honesty, who's more attractive - Monica Bellucci or Kate Beckinsale?

Which animated character are you most like?

What's your most attractive physical attribute?

If you were to have fun with an edible item, what would it be?

What do you find most physically attractive on a person?

If you had to be a member of the Justice League, who would you be?

How would you categorize your significant other's personality?

What does your significant other do for a living?

What do you you do for a living?

Which horror villain is your favorite?

What is your favorite sport to watch with your significant other?

What eye color do you get lost in the most?

What was your major in college?

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