Can We Guess the Food You'd Never Eat Based on the Foods You Do?

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Food is such a personal thing. We all love certain foods and hate certain foods, while others are tied to our cultures, life experiences and even specific memories. Food can really take you back and bring you a lot of pleasure, but that is not always the case. After all, if you hate something super common like mayonnaise, for example, ordering a sandwich out can feel as deadly as a game of Russian Roulette.

We all have our daily food staples. Some people can't go a day without eating an apple or a tuna fish sandwich, while other people constantly crave certain soups or desserts. What are some things that you eat almost every day? Based on those, maybe we can guess some foods you would never eat in a million years.

So tell us about your food loves and hates. Do you always have pickles or some other savory snack on hand, or do you have a massive sweet tooth and always need your chocolate fix? Do you live for bitter dark chocolate and put hot sauce on everything, or do you take your coffee with more cream and sugar in it than coffee? Tell us, and we will guess what foods you hate! 

At a breakfast buffet, where do you go first?

How do you take your coffee?

You're out running errands and are starving. Which of these restaurants are you more likely to stop at?

How do you like your eggs?

What would you rather order from a Chinese takeout restaurant?

You have the afternoon off and want to bake something. What are you more likely to bake?

What would you be more likely to add to a grilled cheese?

Do you enjoy eating salads?

Are you a fan of sushi?

Which of these cuisines do you like the best?

Which of these most closely fits how you feel about breakfast?

Which meal has the best foods?

How do you like your steak cooked?

Of these ways, how do you prefer your chicken prepared?

Of these Asian cuisines, which do you like best?

Are you a vegetable fan?

What kind of snack food do you usually crave?

Do you enjoy mixing flavor profiles, such as sweet and spicy?

Which type of chocolate is best, in your opinion?

Which of these expensive foods would you most want to try?

Which green do you like best?

Which controversial pizza topping do you like best?

Are you a hot sauce fiend?

Do you like mayonnaise?

In a diner, what are you more likely to choose for dessert?

What type of sauce do you prefer on spaghetti?

How do you feel about American cheese?

What is your opinion of the food at Olive Garden?

Which of these junk food snacks could you not live without?

When you have had a hard day, which comfort food do you reach for?

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