Can We Guess the Age Difference in Your Relationship?

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Most couples are pretty close to the same age. It just makes sense when you think about it. Both people have the same common experiences, so it makes them more compatible. They went to school at the same time, have the same pop culture references around things like music, movies and TV shows. They probably have very similar tastes in clothes and fashion. They may have the same goals around family and having children. It's just simple that way.

Others like to push the envelope a little bit and go out with someone with a 10-year age difference, while others go all the way and hang out with someone 20 years apart. There isn't anything wrong with these people; they just have a different vibe. Lots of time the younger partner is bored with people their own age as they want someone a little more intelligent, sophisticated and interesting than what they've been finding in their age group. And of course, the older of the pair gets some serious cred. 

When it all comes down to it, there is no right or wrong age difference. People just like what they like, and that's totally fine, no matter what the age difference is. Of course, being mistaken for parent and child is always a bit of a drag.

Take this quiz, and we'll guess you and your partner's age difference.

How often do you two spend texting each other each day?

Do you ever bring up something you played with as a child and your partner has no idea what you're talking about?

When it comes to finances, are you two on equal ground?

Does one of you call the other on the phone more than the other?

Is one of you more confident than the other?

What type of arguments do you two tend to have?

Do you two want the same number of kids?

Has either of you ever been mistaken for the other's child?

Does your significant other like to hang out with all of your friends?

You both just got invited to a music festival, do you go?

Do you have the same basic fashion sense?

How awkward was it when your significant other met your parents?

Do you both like to spend the same amount of time watching television?

Is one of you into Instagram while the other one never uses it at all?

Have you ever thought about buying a home together?

Do you two go to bed together at the same time?

How would you describe your partner in the bedroom?

Would either one of you admit to having Daddy/Mommy issues?

You both got invited to a wedding. How does that feel?

It's time to go out for the night, do you both want to do the same thing?

Does one of you ever bring up a famous actor or musician the other has never heard of?

If one of you cranks up some music, does it irritate the other?

Do you two get a kick out of people noticing that you're different?

How jealous does your partner tend to be?

Would your partner ever let you go through their phone if you wanted to?

Are you both into technology at the same level?

Do you ever worry about one of you outliving the other and being left alone?

How often do you two work out together?

Have you ever started a strenuous physical activity and had to stop because one of you can't keep up?

How big a deal do you two make about Valentine's day?

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