Can We Guess If You've Ever Owned a Ford Taurus?

Ian Fortey

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Ahh, the mighty Ford Taurus. Midway through the 1980s, Ford introduced this little beauty as an affordable sedan that would get anyone from Point A to Point B. It was quite the hit back in its day and, even though things changed so much that by 2018 Ford stopped North American production of the car, it's still earned a place in automobile history. Love it or hate it, the Ford Taurus was pretty much inescapable. It was the car that everyone seemed to have. 

The Taurus came with all kinds of options to make it customizable to just about everyone's needs. That was one of the genius moves Ford made with it. It was like the vanilla ice cream of cars: versatile and adaptable. Even if you didn't really like it that much, you could play with it enough that you'd end up with something that got the job done. And really for a lot of people, you don't need more than that in a car, do you? 

So we're not saying you had to love the Taurus, even though you may have, we're just wondering if you ever had one. If you answer a few questions, we bet we'll be able to guess if you did. Try the quiz and see!

How important is music to your overall driving experience?

Is gas mileage more important than how a car looks?

If you were getting a new car today, what color would you be looking at?

What do you have hanging from your rearview right now?

If we looked in your car right now, what would we find on the floor in the backseat?

There are 1,001 amazing cars you could own, but which of these would you most want to have?

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding?

Are you OK with the passengers in your car eating while you drive?

Do you ever go for that premium gas or are you buying the cheap stuff?

What happens if you come back from shopping and find that someone scratched your driver's-side door?

What you got going on in that trunk?

The great American road trip is a time-honored tradition. Where are you headed?

Which bumper sticker are you most likely to rock on the back of your car?

Was your first car brand new or used?

How many tries did it take you to ace your driver's test?

How's your parallel parking skill?

Suppose you had the chance to swap your car for a truck. What are you driving?

It's not quite a car and it's not quite a truck. It's an SUV! Which one would you take for a test drive?

Before you head out for a drive in the morning you're going to need a solid breakfast. Pick one!

What's the coolest feature you could get in a luxury car?

You're driving along minding your own business and suddenly you blow a tire. Now what?

Taurus is a bull, you know. What's the best way to prepare some beef?

So, are you a NASCAR fan?

Who's allowed to drive your car besides you, anyway?

Any chance you sing when you're driving by yourself?

How often are you changing the oil in your car?

How much driving do you do in the average week anyway?

How do you react if someone cuts you off in traffic?

Ever gotten lost while driving your car?

Any chance your car has a name?

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