Can We Guess If You’re Pro-PDA?

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We're very much a world divided, even in modern times. Many people have a sort of duality of thought and action. We have our private selves, the person we are in our own homes, behind closed doors that maybe only friends and family get to know much about.

Then there's the public self we have that we present to the world. It's how we act at work, or when we're out shopping for creamed corn and paper towels. This version of us is often much more reserved and "proper" in that traditional sense of the word. This proper version is not the kind of person who talks about controversial things, and they certainly don't engage in public displays of affection. Whether it's because they find such things inappropriate, it makes them feel awkward, or they just don't like creeps watching is an entirely different matter.

In the middle is where you'll likely find most people. People who are OK with a hug or a kiss when it seems like a good idea but who also don't want to cause a scene that'll get them banned from the mall. Everyone fits on the scale somewhere though and if you answer a few questions, we bet we can guess where you fit in. Want to find out if we know your thoughts on PDA? Take the quiz!

When you get introduced to a new person in a friendly environment, how would you be most likely to greet them?

Suppose you're meeting a friend of a friend for the first time and they move in for the hello hug. How do you respond?

If you're going on a date with someone you've been in a relationship with for a while, where would you like to go?

Would you ever use Tinder to hook up with someone?

How would you feel if you had to give a speech in front of a room full of strangers?

At the risk of getting too personal here, what's your opinion on French kissing?

When you go out to a club with some friends, how do you dress?

They say some foods are aphrodisiacs. Do you have a meal that gets you in the mood?

When you arrive at a party, what's the first thing you typically do?

What color are you most likely to wear if you want to catch someone's eye?

How many dates would you say you went on in the last year?

If you could drive any of these cars, which one would you choose?

When you were a kid, how did you react to seeing adults kissing?

If you're at a Christmas party and someone hangs mistletoe over your head, what do you do?

What genre of movie are you most likely to queue up on Netflix?

If you can't drive yourself somewhere, how do you like to get around?

How likely are you to go to a karaoke night at a bar?

Is there a party game that you really like to play with a group of friends?

Have you ever taken the plunge and gone skinny dipping?

If you're attending a big backyard BBQ, what are you most likely doing while you're there?

If a family member grabbed your phone, would you be OK with them scrolling through all your photos right now?

How does your bedroom look right at this very moment?

What's generally the messiest room in your house?

If you're feeling a little thirsty when you're out at the bar, what's your go-to drink order?

If you get into an argument with your significant other, how does it usually go down?

Do you have any kind of regular workout routine to stay in shape?

Do you like to take the lead in a group of people or fall back a bit?

How many people would you say you've kissed in a romantic way in your lifetime?

Have you ever gone to a movie and made out in the back of the theater?

If you were out for a walk in the park and stumbled on a couple getting pretty hot and heavy, what would you do?

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