Can We Guess If Your Partner Is Older or Younger Than You?

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About This Quiz

Love is one of the few things in life that does not care about your age. In fact, love tends to disregard age altogether in lieu of compatibility. After we learn about your relationship, we think we'll be able to tell if you are younger or older than your partner. Of course, it doesn't really matter, but we want to see how well we do!

As they say, age is just a number. What really matters in relationships is the way you interact with one another. Throughout this quiz, we might seem a little nosy. But keep in mind that we need to know how you are together before we can begin to try to figure out your age difference. While age doesn't always equal maturity, it does sometimes equal small differences that we think we'll be able to pick up as you answer. 

As you read the questions, take a moment to reflect on the way the two of you live your lives together. Then, choose the response that you feel represents your relationship the best. After enough of your answers, we think we'll know if you are the older one or the younger one. Will we get it right?

Which one of you tends to control the television remote?

Which one of you drives when you go places?

Are you the type of couple who would share a social media account?

Do your friends approve or disapprove of your relationship?

Where would we find the two of you on a Saturday afternoon?

What was the first thing you noticed about your partner before they were your date?

Does your partner still watch cartoons?

How long have you considered yourselves a couple?

What area of their life would you like to see your partner give more focus?

Do you and your partner workout together?

Would your partner say you are bossy, or are you the bossy one?

Does your partner steal all the blankets when you sleep?

Which of your traits do you think your partner likes best?

Do you text your partner more than your partner texts you?

Out of the two of you, who is the most adventurous?

Who needs to win disagreements?

In one word, how would you describe your partner's job?

Between the two of you, which one is more romantic?

Would you consider a trip down the aisle with your partner?

Which one of you has better technology skills?

Does your partner do most of the cooking?

Would you describe your partner as frugal, generous, thrifty or extravagant?

Do you know a lot of songs that your partner doesn't know?

Have you ever told your partner a little white lie?

Which one of you is more laid back?

Are you the more fashionable one in this relationship?

How would you cheer your partner up?

How would your partner describe you when you are hungry?

Do you think your partner is your soulmate?

Are you considering buying a home together?

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