Can We Guess If Your Dog Runs Your Life?

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As the saying goes, dogs have owners, and cats have staff. However, there are some dogs out there who have managed to wrap their owners around their little finger (or claw, as the case may be). Perhaps their human feels guilty whenever they assert a boundary, or they think that loving discipline involves cruelty. The good news is that this is not the case; there is never any need to hit a dog to give it firm rules. The even better news is that dogs actually love rules! They are pack animals who respond to a set of expectations, and if those expectations are fair, consistent and clear, that makes for one safe and relaxed hound.

The corresponding difficulty is that if dogs don't have rules, rather like certain people, they can become neurotic and anxious. This is when behaviors can kick in such as chewing the furniture, relieving themselves indoors, and barking at people they've been told are welcome and friendly. It's not an ideal situation for a dog to be constantly on their guard and never knowing which way is up. 

Fortunately, you can, in fact, teach a dog new tricks, and more importantly, you can teach an owner new tricks. If your dog is emotionally fraught, establishing consistent rules will help. Sometimes, investing in some classes with a trainer is the best way to help both of you learn how to improve your relationship to one that gives you peace of mind (and saves on shoe leather), and helps your dog to be the happiest, healthiest, most chilled out pooch they can be! 

Is there anything your dog can make you do 100% of the time?

Is there anything you can make your dog do 100% of the time?

What time is walkies?

How many outfits does your dog have?

During walkies, you see a $20 on the street. As you head for it, your dog smells something and stops. What are the chances you get that $20?

Does your sofa have a dog-shaped imprint anywhere in it?

If you went to your closet and grabbed a random garment, what are the odds that it's hair-free?

Do you even bother to wear dry-clean-only clothing at home?

Whose lap is it anyway?

Where does your dog sleep?

You're eating dinner. What is your dog doing?

When a visitor comes to the house, how does your dog react?

Who grooms your dog?

If the weather is absolutely horrible outside, does that affect the amount of exercise your dog gets?

If you go cycling, will your dog run nicely to heel?

When your dog is frightened, where does it go first?

Separation anxiety in dogs can be a sign of needing tighter boundaries. Does your dog suffer from this?

How much has your dog cost you in destroyed items this year?

Have you ever had to have something retrieved from inside your dog?

Could you ever bring home another pet?

What's the weirdest place you've ever found one of your shoes?

How many toys does your dog own?

When your dog has been naughty, are you able to stay stern when they do that adorable little face that melts your heart?

If you tell your dog not to do its business in a particular spot, will business be done in that spot?

Is your dog the top dog at the dog park?

You accidentally tread on your dog's paw. What's going to happen next?

Your dog jumps on you in excitement right before your hot date and ladders your expensive fishnets. How do you react?

You wake up in the night and your dog is barking wildly. Do you get out of bed?

What is the number one nickname you call your dog?

How does your dog know that you love them?

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