Can We Guess If Your Cat Is an Angel or the Spawn of Satan?

By: Talin Vartanian
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Cats certainly have their own distinct personality traits, but we can essentially categorize them into two aspects: Angelic and the spawn of Satan. If your cat has an angelic personality, then they probably behave in a very kind manner around you and your friends. Angelic cats tend to never inflict wounds with their claws, nor do they chew on curtains or scratch the carpet. 

But if your cat is a creature who even occasionally causes destruction to furniture in your home, then they might possess certain demonic traits. In other words, how well do you know your cat? After all, your cat may act one way toward you, but have a completely separate identity when you're not around ...

One interesting aspect to note about cats is a change in behavior throughout their life. Some cats are certainly more playful when they are young, but tend to grow more mature and calm as they age. But the opposite can also be true, as some cats actually become more destructive as they grow older. This may come from a sense of pride, as well as a lack of care for their owner's feelings. So if you think you know your cat, it's time to find out how much of an angel (or a devil) they really are!

How does your cat feel when you leave them alone in the house?

When you come home after a long day of work, what kind of chaos do you find?

Does your cat scratch or bite you when they feel annoyed?

How does your cat react to guests in the house?

If you gave your cat a bath, would they love you forever or plan on running away from home?

Let's say that you gave your cat a crumpled piece of paper. What would they do to it?

Some toys don't last very long around cats. How many toys has your cat destroyed so far?

If you cuddled up next to your cat when they are sleeping, how would they react to you?

You just found your cat peeing on your carpet. What kind of expression would they have on their face?

When your cat drinks water, do they tend to splash the water around with their paws?

Pretend that your cat has the power to talk back to you. What's the first thing they would say?

Let's say that you brought home another furry friend for your cat to play with. Would they feel happy about this?

Does your cat dig around in your cabinets and pantry cupboards for treats and snacks?

Does your cat go a little bit crazy for catnip or are they more indifferent about it?

Is your cat picky when it comes to wet or dry food, or will they eat almost anything?

How does your cat throw a temper tantrum when they become annoyed?

If your cat was hiding and you were looking for them, what would you use to reveal them?

Let's say that your cat saw a spider crawling next to it. What would they do?

When you give brand new toys to your cat, what kind of facial expression do they convey to you?

When it comes to playtime, does your cat prefer to play indoors or outdoors?

If your cat saw you working on a computer, would they sit on the keyboard to claim it as their own?

Does your cat follow your house rules or do they tend to happily dismiss them?

Let's say that you dressed up your cat in a cute cat outfit. Would they feel happy or annoyed by this?

Match one of these historical conquerors to your cat's personality.

If your cat could rule the world, what kind of changes would they make?

You notice that your cat is sleeping peacefully. What are they probably dreaming about?

Fill in the blank: My cat is as mature as a ________ year old human being.

Is your cat a fearless creature or does it have a couple of fears?

Does your cat like to sunbathe or could they care less about a warm floor?

There are seven deadly sins in this world, but which of these applies to your cat's personality?

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