Can We Guess If You Kiss on a First Date?

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Kissing is a remarkably strange human behavior when you think about it. People will kiss their dogs and cats. Parents kiss their babies. Acquaintances kiss one another hello. Spider-Man kisses Mary Jane upside down in the rain. There's a whole lot of lip-locking going on, and it clearly changes meaning from one kiss to the next and one person to the next. 

For some people, a kiss may as well be a high five — it doesn't mean anything. For others, it's intensely personal and special and can only be shared with someone you deeply love. That's why, for a very long time, the idea of kissing on a first date had a lot of meaning for people. And for some, it still does.

Because kissing can be a very intimate and meaningful thing, not everyone is comfortable laying their lips on just anyone. But some people are. Some people need time to build a rapport with another person, to develop feelings that are strong enough to justify the kiss. Are you one of those people? Do you think we can guess after just a few questions if you're the sort of person who will kiss on a first date? Take the quiz and find out!

What you do on a first date depends on how many first dates we're talking about. How long have you been dating, anyway?

How many dates would you say you've been on in your life in total?

How many times a week are you heading out on dates?

Do you trust your friends to hook you up on blind dates?

Sometimes the best way to find a date is with an app. Which app are you most likely to use?

If your first date plan includes dinner, where do you think you're going to go?

A long walk on the beach is kind of a cliché date idea. Would you ever do it?

Would you ever date more than one person in the same week?

Do you think dinner and a movie is a decent first date idea?

What's your opinion of a double date?

How many people have you kissed in your life, anyway?

Have you ever been out with someone and then weren't sure if it was an actual date or not?

When it comes to kissing, do you have a preferred style?

If your date wants to take you bowling, how are you going to react?

Would you consider doing something like playing basketball on a date?

Your date suggests heading to a karaoke bar for the evening. You say?

Are you down for an educational sort of date, like maybe to a science museum?

What happens at the end of a date if they go in for a kiss and you're not feeling it?

Do you prefer the idea of a date that's really physically active or something more low-key?

How does a roller coaster with your date sound?

Do you consider yourself a romantic at heart?

Are you old fashioned when it comes to dating?

Are there any rules for who should ask whom out on a date?

If a date was going to give you flowers, what kind would you like?

How can a date guarantee you're never going to go out with them again?

Do you like to know someone for a while before you date them?

What makes you decide to kiss someone, anyway?

What are your thoughts on PDA?

Would you ever prepare a meal for your date?

Do you consider yourself a spontaneous kind of person?

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