Can We Guess How Your Ex Would Describe You?

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Exes are exes for a reason, and even though we miss the idiots sometimes, we eventually get over them. But do they get over us? Do they miss us or are they glad to be rid of us? What would your ex say about you?

How did you guys meet?

Who made the first move?

How did they end up winning you over?

Did you have more good times than bad?

Were you in love?

After how long did you start seeing cracks?

Did anyone's heart get broken?

Would you say that your ex was selfish?

Did your ex ever try to change you?

Who was more invested in the relationship?

Did anyone ever apologize for the way things ended?

If you did one thing wrong in your past relationship, what would you say it was?

Which of the following caused the most stress in your relationship?

Who ended the relationship?

How did the relationship end?

Have they ever liked your picture or status since you broke up?

How do you feel about your ex at this exact moment?

How do you act when you see them?

Have you ever tried to make them jealous?

How long after breaking up did you stop crying, being mad or sad?

Did you call them a lot after your break up?

Did you ever get romantically physical with your ex after the break up?

Do you miss your ex?

Does your ex have someone new?

Did they ever ask to have you back?

How long after breaking up did you find someone new?

Have you ever tried to get back at your ex?

What's the worst thing about your relationship with your ex?

If your ex was to do a complete 360, would you consider taking them back?

Answer this one honestly, do you still have feelings for your ex?

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