Can We Guess How You Show Affection?

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Find the people you love and hold them close. Oh, that's not your style? That's cool. There's tons of ways you can show affection. A simple kiss on the cheek or even something non-physical like cooking someone dinner can show them just how much you care about them. The key is to find someone who complements your displays of affection. Did you know that someone actually wrote a book dedicated to the five ways people show love? While love and affection don't necessarily mean the same thing, it's an interesting guideline to figure out where you fall on the scale.

Public displays of affection always come under fire. There are some who are more than comfortable making out in public, while some don't even do so much as hold hands. PDA can make some bystanders uncomfortable while for others it brings out a sense of warmth to see couples so happy and in love. Think about yourself. How do you feel about it? PDA is a good place to start as well if you want to know how you show affection and what you're comfortable with. But the ultimate first step is taking this quiz! Do it now and we'll guess how you show affection.

Do you expect a return on the shows of affection that you give?

Would you rather be hugged or give a hug?

How many times have you been in love?

In a romantic relationship, what's the most important thing to making it work?

Do you like to celebrate things like Valentine's Day and anniversaries?

If you had to choose, what's the best way to meet a partner?

When you're with your friends, what are you usually doing?

Are you good at remembering to send thank you notes after receiving gifts?

Let's say you had to tell someone something they definitely don't want to hear. How do you do it?

When you have nieces or nephews, how would you show your love for them?

Do you get caught off guard easily?

Do you go all out for other people's birthdays?

How do you feel about family vacations as an adult?

Can you tell someone they've made a mistake or do you let them figure it out on their own?

Which level of PDA is appropriate for you and your partner?

Do you appreciate when someone does something for you without you having to ask?

Is undivided attention something you need from those close to you?

When someone does do something nice for you, are you critical of the way they do it?

In relationships, romantic or not, do you find yourself wanting the other person more than they want you?

Do actions speak louder than words?

Would you consider yourself intimidating?

Was your childhood filled with acts of love and affection?

Is it easy for you to calm down once you're angry?

If someone takes a while to get back to you, do you assume they're mad at you?

What's the most common emotion you feel?

Do you need some recovery time after a big social gathering?

Are you the kind of person who needs to be everyone's friend?

If you were unhappy in a situation, would you leave it?

Would you rather live in organized chaos or just actual chaos?

What's more sustainable: love or romance?

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