Can We Guess How Superstitious You Are?

By: Talin Vartanian
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Superstitions are a certain set of beliefs that may entail good or bad luck. These are rooted in certain parts of history and mythological folklore, as well as in various cultures. For example, many citizens of Turkey believe in the "evil eye," which is said to be bad luck that is first disguised as good luck. In Brazil, it's considered very bad luck to place your purse or wallet on the floor. If you're spending the night in South Korea, don't try to sleep with the ceiling fan on, due to a potential "fan death." And in Germany, if you toast or congratulate someone with a glass of water, you may be subconsciously wishing for death.

Some animals are also considered to be unlucky, especially birds like ravens and crows. And let's not forget one of the most superstitious ideas of all: numbers. Certain numbers bring good or bad luck in various cultures. Some lucky numbers in Japanese culture include 7, 8, 9 and 10, while the unlucky numbers are 4, 9, 42, 43 and 49. Of course, there is also unlucky number 13, but that's mostly a superstition of Western culture. 

If you're feeling a little spooked, take our (un)lucky quiz now!

If you are playing a video game for the very first time against your friend, are you more likely to win?

You're walking on a sidewalk when you notice a penny on the ground. Are you going to pick it up?

What would your friends and family members find you doing on Friday the 13th?

Do you believe that certain colors and numbers will bring you good or bad luck?

Let's say that your friend comes into your house with an open umbrella. Are you going to kick them back out?

When it comes to making a wish, do you tend to cross your fingers for good luck?

If you were blowing out your birthday candles but you missed just one candle, would your wish still come true?

A Thanksgiving meal means that someone is going to receive the larger end of a wishbone. Will that person be you?

You feel some bad luck coming your way, which means that it's time to knock on wood, right?

You've just received a key to your new hotel room, but the room number is 666. Are you going to spend one night here?

Uh oh! You just dropped your compact mirror on the floor, and now it's broken in half! How many years of bad luck will you receive?

Pretend that you're at a store when you notice a necklace that has a symbol of a rabbit foot on it. Are you going to buy it?

You're walking down a street when you notice a lonely ladder against a building. Are you going to walk under it?

Do you find yourself looking up at the stars at night to catch a glimpse of a shooting star?

What's that animal that has just crossed your path? It's a black cat, but will it bring you good or bad luck?

Uh oh! It's the week before your birthday, and someone just said "happy birthday" to you. How are you feeling right now?

If you noticed someone who was whistling indoors, what would you say to them?

Everyone experiences an itchy hand once in a while, but which itchy hand will bring you bad luck?

Don't freak out, but a bird just pooped on you. Are you feeling more lucky or grossed out?

Imagine that you're lost in the woods at night when you see an owl nearby. What percent lucky do you feel right now?

You're in desperate need of a haircut, but today just so happens to be Tuesday. Is this the perfect time for a new look?

Pretend that you're walking outside when you notice a four-leaf clover on the ground. Are you going to pick it up or leave it alone?

Today is your birthday and someone just gave you a bouquet of yellow flowers! Is this a sign of good luck?

Yikes! You just spilled some table salt on the floor! Are you going to throw some of it over your left shoulder?

The clock has just struck 11:11! Is this the perfect time to make a wish?

You're at a Chinese restaurant when you receive a fortune cookie. The message inside is rather grim, but are you going to believe it?

You and your friend are walking on a sidewalk when your friend steps on a large crack. Are you still going to be friends with them?

If you saw someone who was walking backward, would you flee in fear or find this humorous?

Let's say that you're looking up at the sky when you notice a full moon. Are you feeling more lucky or cursed?

When you enter or exit a room, do you use your left foot or right foot first?

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