Can We Guess How Old You Are By Your Habits?

Zoe Samuel

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It may take a lifetime to develop certain habits, but others set in when you're younger, especially as it relates to food, exercise, and relationships. Tell us about yours and we'll guess your age!

How do you show you like your friend's joke?

What finger do you use to dial a person on a cell phone?

You want to hang out with a friend. How do you get in touch with them?

How often do you check email?

How often do you look at your phone?

Do you make the bed before you leave the bedroom?

How do you wash?

Do you floss?

Do you say "oof" when you stand up?

How do you manage your time?

Should kids get off your lawn?

Do you have a 401K?

Do you have student loans?

Do you have kids?

Do you have a credit card?

Do you work out?

Do you smoke?

How often do you drink?

Do you judge people who drink and smoke?

Do you eat your five a day?

Do you care if food is organic?

Do you know your neighbors?

Do you iron your clothes?

Do you know how to caulk your tub?

Do you call your mom?

Which site is the first one you visit in the morning?

If you were to have a journal, how would you keep it?

Do you usually carry cash?

Do you use a lot of internet slang?

Do you send Christmas cards?

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