Can We Guess How Often You Get Laid?

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It's been the subject of too many songs, movies, poems, paintings and other pieces of art to name in a single list or index. But sex, one of the oldest and most natural activities in human history, is also one that comes with a broad spectrum of perceptions and opinions.

In some cultures, sex remains a taboo subject. For example, many countries in the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have outlawed pornography. Yet in other parts of the world like Iceland, sex is something common and casual, not burdened by the significant meaning that more traditional cultures place on sexual bonds.

On a more individual level, people tend to be judged by their sexual exploits – for better or worse. But the truth is, our sexual habits are just like clothes – everyone has different styles and preferences. Some people were simply born with a higher desire to make love.

It's usually easy to tell who's doing the deed often and who isn't, based on their behavior and characteristics. Just divulge your details in the questions below, and we'll tell you how happy you are south of the border. Grab a fistful of sheets, close your eyes, bite your lip, and get started.

Sex starts with attraction – what would potential romantic partners say is your most attractive feature?

More time with a partner usually means more sex – how many relationships have you been in?

You and your romantic partner are planning a date night. What's your ideal agenda for the evening?

Where we live says a lot about us. Which of these cities best matches your personality?

Colors are often associated with sexuality. What color is most prominent in your bedroom?

Which of these vehicles would you most want to drive?

First impressions are powerful when it comes to sex. What is the first thing you notice about a potential sexual partner?

Hollywood is notorious for its sexual stories – which of these is your favorite movie?

If you had the chance to escape to any dream destination for a vacation, where would you go?

Interactions with ourself can tell us a lot about interactions with others. How do you calm yourself down when you need to relax?

Celebrities have a variety of views on sexuality. Which famous person are you most like?

Sex and music are closely related. What's your favorite song?

If you were at a bar trying to find a romantic partner, what kind of drink would you order?

Dating comes before sex – usually. What topics do you avoid on a first date?

At a social event, you run into someone who you want to be your next sexual partner. How do you make the first move?

What is your attitude about pornography?

Sex is all about the atmosphere – which artist would you play to set the mood?

You are heading out on the town to grab some grub with your date in hopes for an intimate dessert. What are you eating?

Many people intertwine sex and imagination – what's your biggest fantasy in the bedroom?

Our social relationships can say a lot about our sex lives. How's your social circle?

What is your ideal profession?

Many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves – how would you describe your style of dress?

Which of these superpowers (not involving sex) would you want to have?

It doesn't always work out romantically – how do you handle being rejected?

Which of these is the way you are most likely to meet your next sexual partner?

Our leisure habits say a lot about us. What are you most likely to be doing on a Saturday night?

Where do you keep your credit cards and cash?

We all drift from time to time. What are you most likely to be daydreaming about?

Marriage is a big part of sex for many people. Where would you most want to get married?

Not everyone wants to think about it, but children are sometimes a consequence of sex. What do you think about having kids?

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