Can We Guess How Often You Cuss?

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Have you noticed how often people swear these days? Is it more or less than you remember? On TV, swearing has changed a lot. Back in the day, people wouldn't even say "damn" on TV and now you can tune into any number of shows and hear some of the most intense cussing this side of a Tarantino film. Some people let the cuss words fly like rice at a wedding, while other people manage to keep it under wraps and only shoot a word like "fudge" out in the most extreme of circumstances. Some of it has to do with how you were raised and some of it has to do with how upset you are and the reason you're cussing in the first place. An angry cuss is different from a surprised cuss, after all. Not to mention frustrated cussing versus the kind that comes out when you're just trying to be funny.

Fact is, sometimes a cuss word just fits a situation better than any other word in any language. It may not be for everyone, but it's definitely for some of us. Do you think we can guess who often you let the cussing loose? Take our foul little quiz and see!

Do you remember the first time you heard your parents cuss?

We all know the basic cuss words, right? But you can add a few extra words and make new, colorful terms. How many cuss words do you think you know in total?

Pick your favorite stand-up comedian!

What happened the first time your parents heard you cuss?

Can you cuss in any other languages?

What's the worst place in the world in which you could let loose a string of profanity?

Speaking of cussing, do you call it cussing or something else?

What's your response going to be if the power goes out and on your way to fix it you stub your toe?

Someone on social media misunderstood one of your posts and is now attacking you even though it's clear you believe the same thing. Now what?

Have you ever been asked by a stranger to watch your language?

When you're surprised by something, what's your usual reaction?

Who's your favorite film director?

If someone asked you to make up a dirty limerick on the spot, how long would it take you to bust one out?

Do you have any friends who you joke around with by calling each other names?

You're singing along with your favorite song in the car and you get to a part with some cussing it in. Are you belting it out?

Someone just cut you off in traffic. Now what?

Do you only cuss when you're feeling negative emotions, or is it a happy thing, too?

Is winning the lottery a cuss-worthy event?

You're playing with the cat and it scratches your hand by accident. Do you have any choice words for the little furball?

What do you think of the way gamers talk to each other online?

If you're texting a friend do you use abbreviations like "ffs" or "af?"

How likely are you to curse out your phone if it glitches and deletes a text you're in the middle of writing?

Does swearing make a story more dramatic when it's being told?

It's illegal to swear in public in some towns. Is that cool?

Do you consider swear words more or less versatile than non-swear words?

If you heard your grandma swear, would you be surprised?

When's the last time you used the F-word?

Do you consider "damn" a swear word?

If you're referring to some human reproductive organs, are you going to use the scientific name or a slang term?

Is taking the Lord's name in vain cussing?

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