Can We Guess How Much You Spend on Makeup Each Month?

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When it comes to makeup, it can be hard not to spend your whole paycheck on it. A new beautiful palette or innovative product seems to come out every day! Whether you are a high-end luxury makeup lover or know all the best drugstore dupes, even a lot of drugstore makeup is not that cheap anymore. This can make a love of makeup a very expensive passion! So, are you a frugal shopper that does your best not to go broke purchasing Fenty Beauty Highlighters and stunning Huda Beauty palettes, or do you just have to have them all?

While some people might scoff at palettes in the $50-60 range, that's nothing compared to the palettes by Natasha Denona and Pat McGrath, which can run well over $100 or $200. Do you think that's crazy, or do you covet those luxury palettes on a soul level? Answer our questions for makeup lovers, and we will try to guess just how much you spend on makeup in the average month! Do you buy only what you need, or can you not resist a single red or nude lip product? See if we can get your makeup spending habits just right!

What kind of lipstick formula do you prefer?

Have you ever made your own eye shadow palette out of individual or de-potted shadows?

How many makeup brushes do you own?

How long is your morning makeup routine?

How many eye shadow palettes do you own?

Do you keep on top of new makeup releases?

Do you follow the YouTube makeup community?

Have you ever done a major makeup declutter?

How much of your current makeup collection do you think is expired?

Are you a sucker for packaging?

Do you own a lot more makeup than you use?

Do you stop buying from brands that are problematic or have tarnished reputations?

What type of base products do you use most?

When it comes to makeup, how much do you think is way too much for an eyeshadow palette?

What do you think of luxury makeup?

If you already have one red lipstick, would you be likely to buy another?

What is your opinion of makeup primer?

How do you prep your skin for makeup?

Do you use lipliner?

Do you own eyeshadow primer?

Do you own foundations in different finishes and coverage levels for different moods and occasions?

Do you use setting spray?

Are you against applying makeup with your fingers in most cases?

How much space does your makeup collection take up?

Even if you never wear green lipstick, would you be likely to buy one if a brand you liked released one?

If you like a brand or a collection, do you feel compelled to buy everything from it?

What do you look for most from your makeup?

Do you often wear false lashes?

Do you post a lot of makeup selfies on social media?

Which makeup trend do you hate the most?

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