Can We Guess How Much You Can Bench?

By: Raj Chander
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The bench press is more than just a great exercise for improving upper body strength and building muscles in your chest, triceps and shoulders. It's a portfolio of your work in the gym, a way that people can tell how committed you are to the iron. Ask someone their bench press maximum and you're well on the way to answering the question, "Do you even lift, bro?"

The bench press is not something you can get good at overnight, or that some people with natural skill can immediately pick up and do better than experienced lifters. On the bench press, we all have to start at the same level – some of us begin by just lifting the 45-pound bar or adding a few small plates to give themselves more of a challenge. As you gain strength in your upper body by repeating the bench press motion, you can pack on more and larger plates to build your strength. 

The first milestone is the ability to lift 135 pounds, or two of the largest plates available at most gyms (45 pounds each), plus the bar (45 pounds). More advanced lifters can stack two 45-pound plates on either side of the bar for a total of 225 pounds, an impressive level of strength. If you can bench more than 225 pounds, you're clearly someone who has been dedicated to training for quite a while.

Are you a newbie to the bench or a barrel-chested veteran? Step up to the bar, answer our questions, and you can find out for yourself.   

It takes frequent training to bench heavy. How often do you go to the gym?

We all have our unique lifting routines. What's your split?

Some love it, some hate it – how into cardio are you?

It helps to have a bodybuilding idol to admire. Which of these pro bodybuilders do you respect most?

Which of these foods do you eat the most?

Besides the bench press, which move do you enjoy most in the gym?

Which color clothes are you most likely to wear to the gym?

Outside of the gym, what is your job?

We all want to be a beast on the bench – which of these is your spirit animal?

Many lifters are also fans of pro sports. What sport are you into besides lifting?

Dietary habits are big for successful lifting. How often do you eat "clean"?

How far away do you live from your gym?

Do you find that you are one of the older or younger people in the gym?

Certain times of day are more popular for serious lifters. What time do you usually get your benching in?

How many family members do you live with?

What type of clothing are you most likely to wear to the gym?

Many benchers draw inspiration from movies. What's your favorite weightlifting movie?

When you are bench pressing, who usually spots you?

How long has it been since you started bench pressing?

Which of these Hollywood actors do you enjoy watching the most?

When you are at the gym getting ready to lift, do you interact with others?

How frequently do you try to max out on bench?

Which of these is your strongest muscle group?

In a typical bench press set, how many reps do you complete?

We all know that one lifter who skips leg day. Do you squat?

Which of these is your weakest muscle group?

Which physical feature do you get the most compliments on?

During an average lifting session, how long do you stay in the gym?

What's the main reason you go to the gym?

Besides lifting weights, which of these hobbies do you pursue?

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