Can We Guess How Many Times You've Been Sent to Detention?

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Let's take a trip back to your high school years! After you tell us about the way you lived back then, we think we'll be able to guess how many times you were sent to detention. While some of you might have had a permanent resident card, others may have never been given a pink slip. 

Receiving detention is considered a huge embarrassment by students with high ambitions, but other, more defiant, students considered it a badge of honor. No matter which "The Breakfast Club" character you see yourself most like, which one were you most like in the detention room? Whether it was summer school or a designated period of the day, your experience with the subject will be obvious to us.

You don't have to love or hate the time you spent in school to take this quiz. We think we have designed the questions in a way that will bring out your most truthful responses. Unless you are that mastermind who managed to ace every exam without studying, your detention record will be clear to us. Will we be right about the number of times you got detention, or will we need to go back to school? 

How would you describe your school's food?

Did you ever stick gum under the desk?

Would you like to go back and relive your school years?

Where did you and your best friend hang out most often?

What did you look like when you went to prom?

Did you ever throw a party when your parents were out of town?

Were your summers spent in summer school?

Did you have an after school job?

What grade did you get in Algebra class?

Are you still in touch with any of your high school friends?

What did you do right after graduation?

Which social group did you hang with in high school?

Did you spend a lot of time under the bleachers?

Where did you sit on the school bus?

Were you a member of any clubs back then?

Did you ever skip a class?

What was your sense of fashion like back then?

What was the most important thing you learned in school?

Did you have cool parents or strict parents?

Be honest—did you ever cheat on a test?

Which one of your teachers was most memorable?

Did you have a high school sweetheart?

Have you attended any of your school reunions?

What was your worst fear in high school?

Were you tutored in any of your subjects?

What did you daydream about in class?

Which of these things did you keep in your locker?

Did you go to practice after school?

How would your fellow students have summed you up?

How much have you changed since high school?

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