Can We Guess How Many Tattoos You Have?

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Are you still thinking about getting a tattoo or are you nearing completion of a sleeve? During this quiz, we'll ask you about your love for tattoos. We'll also try to learn more about your personality. All of our questions will not only entertain you, but they will also allow us to take our best guess about the number of tattoos you actually have! 

The number of times you've gone under the needle will show in the way you respond to our crazy questions! The more information you can give us about yourself and your views on tattoos will help, but what really matters is your honesty. Share with us your motivations for getting tattoos and tell us if you would ever get a matching tattoo with someone you love. Then, we'll be able to make an accurate estimate about the number inky, artworks you have hidden beneath your clothes. 

Make sure to prep the area before we begin this tattoo quiz! One of our qualified artists will analyze your responses against those of their extensive client lists. Their experience will make sure all of your information matches your number of tattoos. Then, we'll let you know what we think!

How rebellious are you?

Are you comfortable in groups?

How would you describe your hairstyle?

Are you artistic?

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?

Have you ever died your hair a funky color?

Have you ever given the Devil Horn sign?

How often do you wear leather?

When you see someone with lots of tattoos you think...

Ever thought of getting a neck tattoo?

What class would you want to take?

Where would you go out at night?

Do you like freaking people out?

What would you be most likely to buy at a flea market?

"Sons of Anarchy" is...

What do you think of women in tattoos?

When was the last time you stayed up all night?

Which of these cities would you like to live in?

Are you good at skateboarding?

Do you ever call women "dude"?

What do you when you get angry?

Do most people understand you?

Which of these bands do you prefer?

Do you mind spending money on art?

How many piercings do you have?

Do you have a tattoo idea you have never done?

What is your perfect date look like?

Someone just told you that you look dangerous, what do you think?

What do you read the most?

Where would you most like to live?

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