Can We Guess How Many Relationships You've Been In?

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Relationships are a funny thing - just about everyone wants to be in one, at least at some point in their lives, but everyone goes at how to do it in different ways. Some people are still with the very first person they ever got in a serious relationship with; some go as far as still being with their high-school sweethearts.  Then there are other people that took a few times to get things right before they wound up with their soulmate. Other people spend a whole lot of time bouncing from relationship to relationship and hooking up with people, but they never actually get serious with any of them. Then, of course, there are the people that live with a ton of people and then break up with them or get divorced a whole bunch of times. Some might think that these people should be pitied, but we applaud them for continuing to look for love. 

We can tell you've got a lot going for you, so we know you've been in your share or relationships, or at least one that has been fulfilling. Take this quiz and we bet we can guess how many relationships you've been in - unless you're going on a date tonight, then we understand.

How many dates have you gone on in your life?

How does a first date usually end?

How do you meet people you have been with?

How often have you had one-night stands?

Are you afraid of commitment?

Do you worry about being alone when you're old?

How much do you party?

Have you ever used Tinder?

Have you ever cheated on your partner?

Do you like to cuddle?

Do you find yourself irritated by people you've dated after a while?

How many people have you said "I love you" to?

If you were married and you learned your spouse had cheated on you, what would you do?

How many times have you been dumped?

Do you get insecure often?

Are your parents still together?

How dramatic are you?

Have you ever had a threesome?

Have you ever had sex with two people in one day?

Are most of your friends in relationships?

Do most of your friends have kids?

Would you ever get divorced?

How soon would you move in with someone if you really started to like them?

Are you impulsive?

Do you often fantasize about people that you don't know well?

Have you ever ghosted anyone?

How financially secure are you?

Do you get ridiculous crushes on people?

Do you worry about getting your heart broken?

Who do you talk to when you need relationship advice?

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