Can We Guess How Many Pounds of Bacon You Eat in a Year?

Teresa M.

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Maybe you could be a vegetarian if not for bacon, or maybe you believe everything should be made from bacon. Let us guess how many pounds of crispy, salty, wonderful bacon you eat every year!

What do you think is bacon's best partner?

Do you like bacon on your burgers?

How many slices of bacon would you put on a B.L.T.?

What kind of bacon do you like most?

Do you think you eat a lot of bacon?

What do you think of turkey bacon?

What would you put on your B.L.T.?

Do you try to eat healthy?

Have you ever tried vegetarian bacon?

Who might you share a bacon sandwich with?

Which bacon flavored item would you try?

What would you eat with an egg?

How do you like your bacon cooked?

What food might you wrap in bacon?

What do you like most about bacon?

Other than bacon, what is your favorite food?

How do you get the most exercise?

How much is the quiz making you crave bacon?

What smell do you love waking up to?

What time of day do you eat bacon the most?

What do you think of people who don't eat bacon?

Would you eat a plate of bacon all by yourself?

How do you cook your bacon?

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

What vegetable do you think compliments bacon the best?

Do you like Canadian bacon?

Have you ever tried British Rashers?

Would you ever try bacon flavored potato chips?

What drink is best with bacon?

Would you ever give up bacon?

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