Can We Guess How Many Makeup Products You Use in One Day?

Isadora Teich

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Makeup is super personal and differs wildly from person to person. After all, while the colors you like are important, there is so much more to it than that. What products will work best on you depends on your skin tone, undertones, texture and type. The same foundation that looks amazing and lasts all day on someone with dry skin might be a total mess on someone with oily skin, for example. Does that mean that anyone is right or wrong or that the product itself is good or bad? No, it just means that different products work for different people in different ways.   

Some people like to use a primer for their primer, and other people don't even like to wear foundation most days. However, most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Do you have different primers for different days of the week, or do you want to just rub in some tinted moisturizer and go? Put us to the test and see if we can guess where you fall on the beauty routine scale. 

So, if you are a true beauty lover, answer all of these questions and see if we can guess how many makeup products go into your everyday beauty routine! 

How do you like to apply makeup most?

What kind of coverage do you look for in base products?

How long does your full makeup routine take?

How often do you wear false lashes?

Are you a fan of the no-makeup makeup trend?

What type of lip product do you own most of?

What type of eyeshadow palettes are you most drawn too?

Are you a sucker for packaging?

Do you bake your face?

Do you think that foundation primer is a scam?

What type of products do you prefer?

Some people mix foundations to get the perfect shade and finish. Would you be open to that?

What do you think of fragrance in products?

Is it important to you that your products multitask?

Do you tend to buy multiple lipsticks in the same shade family?

Do you use eyeshadow primer?

Do you regularly use a setting spray?

Do you stop buying from brands when the companies or faces of them do problematic or offensive things?

How many nail polishes do you own?

Which of these best describes your makeup collection?

Do you touch up your makeup throughout the day?

Where do you usually buy makeup?

Which of these most closely mirrors your daily base routine?

How many eye shadows do you usually wear at once on the daily?

Of these, which most closely mirrors your routine after your base is on?

Where would you be most likely to wear gloss?

Are you a fan of fake tanner?

Are you into body makeup?

Do you like the look of long fake nails?

Do you use a lot of hair products?

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