Can We Guess How Many Drinks It Takes Until Your Alter Ego Comes Out?

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How many drinks does it take until your 10 foot tall and bulletproof alter ego starts to emerge? Some folks can drink all night and not experience the tiniest shift in their personalities. For others, one single drink is enough for a transformation to occur akin to The Incredible Hulk . Which side of the scale do you fall on? 

While most folks have a low tolerance for alcohol, others can drink like they have a hollow leg! Tell us how you behave when you're out on the town, and we'll guess how many drinks it takes to expose your alter ego. We'll need to know things like how you remedy a hangover and if you've ever had a one-night stand, but we promise to be discreet. Besides, it's all in the name of fun. We promise that we won't even laugh about the drunken choices we'll ask you to make! 

Grab a bag of salty peanuts and a pint for this quiz! By the time we're done finding out your drinking habits and how your alter ego terrorizes your friends, we feel confident we'll be able to tell you the exact number of drinks it takes from you to go pleasantly buzzed to full on supervillain! Give us a shot!

Do you go to a lot of parties?

How would your best friend describe you when you are drunk?

Which liquor do you like most?

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert when you are sober?

Do you prefer wine or beer?

What do you do to prevent a hangover?

Where are you most likely to drink?

What do you do to get over a hangover?

What do you think your pet thinks of you when you are drunk?

Have you ever played a drinking game?

Have you ever gone to work with a hangover?

Which cocktail could you drink more than one of?

Have you ever had a drunken one-night stand?

What would you order for last call?

Which animal is your alter ego most like?

How do you usually feel when you wake up from a night of drinking?

Do you get more flirtatious when you are drinking?

Have you ever done something you regret while drinking?

Do you become the life of the party when you are drinking?

Who do you usually go drinking with?

What time of day do you start drinking?

Which "Cheers" character are you most like when you are drinking?

What do you most like to do while you are drinking?

Which Superhero is your alter ego most like?

Are you a happy drunk?

Have you ever tried moonshine?

Would you ever try brewing your own beer?

How do you get home from a night of drinking?

What kind of party would you most enjoy?

How would you describe your tolerance?

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