Can We Guess How Long You Have Been a Christian?

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About This Quiz

You are cordially invited to take this intriguing personality test about your Christian habits. Answer a series of church-heavy questions and see if we can guess how long you've been a Christian. No matter what church you attend or denomination to which you adhere, there are always certain personality types that are consistent everywhere.

Some folks gravitate to certain tasks, like kitchen help, carpooling or prayer leadership. Others would rather watch it all go down from a safe distance. Maybe you pray mostly in the day, pray all day or pray only when you remember. There are no right or wrong answers here. Just take comfort in knowing that there are others like you out here fighting the good fight. Newcomers to the faith as well as seasoned pros can appreciate the degree of relevancy these personality questions have regarding Christian life. You are strongly encouraged to see for yourself just how so. And when we accurately guess your Christian tenure, share this quiz with your friends to see how they fare. Trading some of your best memories is a great way to filter down some of your most prominent habits.

Go on and see which answers await you!

How well do you know Biblical scriptures?

How familiar are you with church hymns?

What are your views on church seating arrangements?

How would you describe your relationship with the pastor?

How special are church holidays to you?

How do you feel about new people who visit the church?

Do you take the initiative to pray for others?

Do you give advice to church members or do you take advice?

What type of clothes do you wear to church?

What's your take on the unspoken church culture?

What was, or is, the reason for your church membership?

How would you describe your relationships with other church members?

Do you take the time to visit other churches?

Do you participate in church carpooling?

Do you ever make yourself available as a pastor's aide?

If you see a piece of trash lying in the church vestibule, what do you do?

Do you talk during church service?

Do you participate in after-service collation?

Do you help in the church kitchen?

Do you ever voluntarily cook for the church?

What's your stance on getting the latest church gossip?

How would you describe your church prayers?

Do you wear hats to church?

How much of an offering do you give during church service?

Do you move around during church service or do you remain in one place?

If someone is absent from their church duties, what, if anything, do you do to help out?

How do you deal with ushers in the church?

Do you ever serve as church secretary?

Is your church life as active as your personal life?

Do you participate in your church's rituals?

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