Can We Guess How Dark Your Soul Is?

By: Zoe Samuel
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Popular culture has romanticized the idea of darkness, where it applies to the soul. Far from showing that it is very much a part of us, films like the Star Wars series make "the dark side" seem very alien, and very much separate from who we are and how we live. Most spiritual traditions talk about the darkness of the soul, but while religious imagery was very effective for most people in most of history, today many of its metaphors are less effective and feel cliched. Unlike the time of the ancient Greeks, people today feel open to discussing philosophical concepts without metaphors that came into use only because ancient societies punished people who spoke the truth on these issues.

How often do you weigh your own heart against the feather of truth, as the ancient Egyptians believed would happen in the afterlife? Are you even capable of taking stock of your soul, and seeing yourself clearly for who you are? Don't worry, because help is here. Be honest when you answer our questions, and without religious flourish or fanfare, we will guess the depth of the darkness of your soul. Keep your sense of humor, because any time one looks in the mirror, one needs one. Take the quiz and see how close we get it!

What do you think love is?

How do you feel about kids movies billed as "entertaining for the whole family?"

Which of these animals would you have as a pet?

What do you like to read for pleasure?

How much time do you spend taking stock of your circumstances?

How would you describe your progress toward your life's goals?

What are your views on politics?

How would you describe God?

Which do you think is going to be better for you, your past, or your future?

What is your urge when you see a bed of flowers?

How many of your friends really know all your secrets?

How many people do you call "friends?"

What is the point of owning a dog?

Why should anyone help strangers who approach them on the street?

What piece of popular culture best reflects the realities of life?

How do you blow off stress after a tough day at work?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your trust in public institutions, like the IRS?

How do your religious or spiritual beliefs define your relationship to people of other faiths?

With regard to love, do you believe there's someone out there for everyone?

What do you think of people who spend a lot of time collecting material things?

What do you think of events like Burning Man?

Who do you think is the hero on Game of Thrones?

Which of these vices is most appealing to you?

How do you bond with your closest friend or loved one?

What is your first thought when you hear a stranger laugh, but you don't know what they are responding to?

How do you measure your successes?

What is your number one life's dream?

What is the best revenge?

How do you deal with people you don't like being around?

How satisfied are you with your circumstances?

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