Can We Guess Your Age From the Words You Detest?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

How do you feel when we say "moist?" Does it make you giggle or does it make you gag? While we don't often pay attention to the words we like more than others, we certainly know which words we dislike. After you fill us in on the words you don't like to use, we'll know exactly how old you are. 

While some people love the word "bae," it makes others roll their eyes so hard they might choke on one someday. No matter where you stand on the words we present to you, you will leave little clues about yourself. Make your choices carefully and truthfully because failing to do so could lead in an inaccurate guess. We would feel just terrible if we were to accidentally age you by 70 years or so. 

Throughout this quiz, we will ask you about some words that you might or might not use. Depending on how you respond to them, your maturity level will show. From there, we'll be able to correlate your preferred vocabulary with your age. Then, we'll take our best guess.

You don't have to love the word "quiz" to have a good time here. We would hate for you to miss out! Let us guess how old you are by using the words you do not like against you. 

Do you like the word "amazing?"

How do you react when someone says "bae?"

Which of these words do you like the least?

Which word would you never use to describe a cake?

Do you say "awesome" a lot?

How do you feel about the word "failure?"

Which name would you hate to be called?

If someone said you were cheap, how would you react?

Which word is the foulest?

Which is the worst word to describe bacon?

Which word do you think is overused?

Which term of endearment do you like most?

Which word is the most condescending?

Which word would you never use in place of "eat?"

If your boss called your work adequate, how would you feel?

Which word used for high school stereotypes is the worst?

Which element sounds the most powerful?

What letter does your least favorite curse word start with?

Do you like the word "snowflake?"

Which holiday word do you get tired of hearing?

Which word is the most negative to you?

Which word is the grossest?

Which word for going number two is the worst?

If someone called you a sloth, how would you feel?

Which word would you never want a coworker to call you?

Which word is a terrible way to describe a vacation?

Can you handle being called competitive?

Which word frightens you the most?

Which word would you never use to describe an ice cream?

Which word makes you angriest?

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