Can We Guess the State You Live In Based on the Foods You Hate?

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There are foods we love, and then there are the foods that make us gag. Once we find out which foods you find truly vile, we are sure we'll be able to accurately guess the state you live in. While you don't have to share a love for all the regional favorites in your area, finding out which foods you cannot stand will tell us where you are. 

For the purpose of this quiz, we are going to assume that you are an adventurous eater. As we present a number of foods to you, some will be part of an everyday diet, and others will be as rare as steak tartar. Think about the food we have asked you about, and choose the response that sums up how you feel about that food. Once we figure out what you dislike, your state will be obvious to us! 

While we don't expect all Floridians to love seafood or all Midwesterners to love pork. The things you tell us you hate the most will point us in the direction of your address. Will your tastes give you away? We think they will, but you have to tell us what they are first! 

How do you feel about cole slaw?

Which topping would you never add to a burger?

Do you like pineapple?

Which word comes to mind when you think of okra?

Do you like bread and butter pickles?

Do you like sushi?

Do you enjoy the taste of whiskey?

Do you enjoy cornbread?

Would you eat a plate of mountain oysters?

Do you like scallops?

Which citrus fruit do you like the least?

Do you like steak tartar?

Do you prefer candy apples or caramel apples?

Which Thanksgiving dish do you dislike?

How do you feel about onion rings?

Which McDonald's food item do you like the least?

Which topping does not belong on pizza?

How do you feel about cottage cheese?

Which breakfast cereal do you hate?

Do you like wild rice?

How do you feel about fish tacos?

Which food do you think is the grossest?

What is your least favorite sauce?

Do you like oysters?

Do you enjoy sauerkraut?

Do you like almond milk?

How do you feel about raisins?

Would you eat an eggplant sandwich?

Which kind of cheese do you like the least?

Do you like spinach?

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