Can We Guess If You Prefer Coke Or Pepsi?

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Nothing beats an ice cold soda on a hot Summer day! But there are two schools of thought -- Coke and Pepsi. Which of America's most beloved drinks are you?

Which liquor might you mix with soda?

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Where do you usually buy soda for your home?

Which Jones Soda flavor are you most likely to try?

What would you choose to grill at a cookout?

What flavor lemonade do you like most?

Who would you like to share a Coke with?

What do you do with used soda cans?

Which celebrity would you most like to meet?

If your favorite drink was sold out in a vending machine, what alternative would you choose?

How often do you drink soda?

What do you think of diet soda?

Would you be a good spokesperson for your favorite cola?

What do you like most about soda?

What time of day do you usually drink soda?

Do you adapt well to change?

How much of a foodie are you?

Which soda makes the best kind of ice cream float?

Which version of Coke or Pepsi would you like to try?

What flavor Kool-Aid did you like most when you were growing up?

What side dish would you order with a burger and a cola?

What size soda do you drink most often?

What would you like to teach the world to do?

Which soda do you think has the best commercials?

What kind of wine do you like most?

Do you like a lot of ice in your drinks?

Which soda endorsed athlete would you like to meet?

What flavor ice cream do you prefer?

What drink do you reach for first when you are thirsty?

How many cans of soda are in your fridge right now?

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