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The American culture -- as well as the American popular culture -- has had a longstanding relationship with beautifully manufactured cars. Whether they are convertibles or long-tailed or customized to fit the personality of the driver, these classic cars won't go away -- even if they age.

And speaking of aging, there are two classic brands that have contributed to the colorful car culture of the USA. There is the Cadillac, and there is the Lincoln. Cadillac is a known division of the General Motors company, and is a proudly American-made brand. Meanwhile, the Lincoln Motor Company is the one that manufactures Lincoln cars. Obviously American-made, this line and company is named after US President Abraham Lincoln.

Both Lincoln and Cadillac started out in the car manufacturing business with the emphasis on making luxury cars. Both companies have had their hits and misses, coming from the heels of other legendary car companies in automotive history. Yet today, the two companies -- and their respective brands and models -- continue to be popular in the country and in the world.

Regardless if the models are of the classic vintage lines or the newer type ones, do you think you can challenge yourself and identify which one is the Cadillac and which one is the Lincoln in our quiz? Jump to question number one and drive on!

This classic car is part of the L-Series. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln L-Series is technically the very first model car that the Lincoln Motor Company assembled back in 1917. It existed for more than a decade before another model series was created to replace it.


This is called a __ L Dietrich Convertible. So is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln L Dietrich Convertible Coupe was manufactured in 1929. At that time, dual wipers in a windshield was unheard of, but this model made it happen.


Is it the Cadillac or the Lincoln company that came up with this trendy-looking Imaj Concept model?

The Cadillac Imaj Concept remained mostly in the conceptual stage, and didn't really reach the production stage. Think of it as a cross between a minivan and a luxury sedan.


This beauty is part of the K-Series. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln K-Series was intended to replace the first L-Series of the company. This series was made from 1930 up to 1940.


Is it the Cadillac or the Lincoln company that gave competitors like Jaguar and Mercedes a run for their money with this Allante model?

The Cadillac Allante actually had a Pininfarina body to make it look stylish. So in a way, this make is kind of the cousin of the Ferrari, in body at least.


The KB LeBaron Convertible Roadster was a hit during the 1930s, but for Cadillac or for Lincoln?

The Lincoln KB LeBaron Convertible was a customizable car for those who wanted to alter it. Word has it that a 1932 model would fetch for more than a quarter of a million dollars today!


Was it the Cadillac or the Lincoln that had a Versace Edition like this one, for their Mark VII cars?

It was Lincoln that came up with designer cars during the 1980s, named after select glamorous fashion designers. Naturally, there would be a Versace Edition of this!


This 1930s cool car has the word “Zephyr” in its model name. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Zephyr line was very popular during the late 1930s. It was affordable enough for many to buy, at that time.


Cruella might have one of this DeVille cars! Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac DeVille line came out in the 1980s, with improved features in cars. This model saw the transition from rear wheel to front wheel drive.


If we say this car is “Continental," is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Continental first came out in 1939. It became one of the most popular cars of the company, ever.


The “Cosmopolitan” could also be this car make, not just a cocktail drink. So is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cosmopolitan Lincoln was the luxury car line that came out during the 1950s. It had an automatic transmission.


This Seville model is definitely living up to its flashier full name of Seville Elegante. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Seville Elegante came out in the 1980s. But this luxury line drew its inspirations from the 1930s and the 1940s era.


Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln that made this cowboy-sounding Eldorado Biarritz model?

The Cadillac Eldorado series started in the 1950s. But the Eldorado Biarritz model came out during the 1970s.


Is the Series 61 a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Series 61 model is a good example of how car manufacturers respond to customers' needs. The mid-1940s model became popular with motorists who wanted to have their favorite features in a car, which Cadillac gladly designed in there, to respond to customers' needs.


The third designer to join the Mark V Designer Edition is Emilio Pucci. Is it by Cadillac or Lincoln?

Emilio Pucci was a famous Italian fashion designer. His design specifications for the Lincoln Mark V varied yearly, from 1977 to 1979.


The Escalade ESV is an SUV alright, but is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

Yes, Cadillac builds sport utility vehicles as well. The 2002 Cadillac Escalade ESV is an example of this.


Matthew McConaughey stars in a movie that shares the name of his car, since his character also does business in this car kind. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Lawyer features Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln car where he does business while roaming around town. Yup, he's also the company's "brand ambassador," if you will.


Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln that had this Town Car model?

The Lincoln Town Car is a very popular model for the car company. It was first manufactured in 1981.


You might think it could fly, but the Aviator is an SUV. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Aviator was a formidable SUV that came out in the early 2000s. However, it was discontinued in less than half a decade.


Elvis Presley’s famous and precious Fleetwood became a pop culture icon itself. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

Elvis Presley had a famous pink-colored Cadillac back in 1954, belonging to the Fleetwood Series 60. Since then, the pink Cadillac image got attributed to him in popular culture.


This is the Givenchy designer series. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

Hubert de Givenchy also contributed to the Lincoln Mark V Designer Edition series. His design specs of the exteriors were mostly dark-colored.


Counting classic cars, is this Sixteen model a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Sixteen is actually a concept car. But it has appeared in several movies as a "picture vehicle" such as in films like Click and Real Steel.


Perhaps the Navigator SUV would be great for terrain rides, given its name. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

If Ford has their Expedition SUV, then Lincoln had its Navigator SUV. In a way, they're a bit related in concept and design...


Makeup giant Mary Kay actually gives a custom car to their top consultants as an incentive or reward. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The famed Mary Kay Cadillac is also pinkish in color. It's a specific hue requested by Mary Kay Ash herself from the car makers, based on one of their make-up blush colors, which Cadillac eventually heeded.


The Bubble Top is obviously a limo. But is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Bubble Top proved to be a hit among the most important public figures of the world. The 1959 model, for example, was made for Queen Elizabeth, while other personalities like President John F. Kennedy also liked the model.


In the 2017 movie Get Out, the characters’ first race-laced bizarre experience was about hitting an animal on the road. Is their car a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln MKC 2.0 in the first few scenes of Get Out played a crucial role in the story. It somehow led the main character into more bizarre territory later on.


And then came Series 63. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Series 63 was designed as a sedan. The model numbers series before this, though, had both a club coupe and sedan models. This is the 1964 model.


This Model K used as a prop car for the 2011 Academy Award-winning film The Artist was a perfect fit for the silent-film era the film was depicting. Is the car a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The 1931 Lincoln Model K was a prominent picture vehicle in the film The Artist. It was well-suited for that black-and-white film's era.


Cartier is the fourth fashion icon to complete the 4-designer edition series of the Mark V. Is this a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The French jeweler Cartier was the fourth designer icon to complete the Lincoln Mark V Designer Edition series of the late 1970s. Most of this designer's exteriors were of light champagne color.


If BMX is for bikes, then is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln that came up with an MKX model?

It is said that the Lincoln MKX is a revamped version of the Ford Eagle. It's essentially an SUV.


This classic Series 370D was a sought-after roadster during the 1930s. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Series 370D featured a V12 engine in it. It was powerful at that time, as well as elegant.


The Futura is a concept car cool enough to be readjusted and adapted as Batman’s Batmobile in the Adam West-starring TV show. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Futura concept car came out in 1955. Perhaps it was futuristic enough to be TV Batman's cool car.


In The Godfather, Sonny Corleone was ambushed in a highway toll as his 1941 Continental stopped by. Was his car a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The 1941 Lincoln Continental of Godfather offspring Sonny Corleone was, sadly, not bullet proof enough to spare his life. The shootout riddled the car with bullet holes.


It might be ironic to say that the Series 80 came out during the ‘30s. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Cadillac Series 80 was a very stylish make. It was a sought-after model during the 1930s, and a sought-after item for collectors of today.


The LS model is a reliable daily sedan. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln LS sedan line had more than competition, as it got threatened with copyright infringement as well. Toyota insinuated that its name is close to their Lexus LS series, but an amicable settlement was reached between the two car companies concerned.


It can come in many colors, but is the Blackwood a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The Lincoln Blackwood is noted as the first pickup truck model of the Lincoln division. However, it didn't have many fans, so it was discontinued.


“The Great War __” is the nickname given to the Type 55. Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

The so-called "Great War Cadillac" was essentially the Cadillac Type 55. They weren't originally built for war, but a lot of them were shipped overseas for World War I vehicular needs by the military.


TMZ is a showbiz news show, but is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln that gave us a good scene of this model called MKZ?

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ stirred up a buzz because of its great style. But it's a competitive make in the entry-level luxury sedan category, as car reviewers stated.


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