Buy Things For Your Mansion, Find Out Where You'll Live in 10 Years!

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Go on a pretend shopping spree for your fictitious dream home. Based upon your choice of decor, we'll be able to tell you where you'll live in 10 years!

What type of gates would you buy to place at the entrance to your mansion?

Which landscaping feature would you buy for your lawn?

What kind of lighting would you purchase for your mansion's living room?

Will you buy a pool for your mansion?

Will you involve your partner in your shopping adventures?

How many cars will your mansion's garage need to hold?

Will you be retiring in ten years?

Which kind of chair would you buy for your bedroom?

What kind of rug would you buy for your library?

Would you purchase a smart refrigerator for your kitchen?

What luxury feature would you want in your mansion's bathroom?

Which material would you want your mansion's kitchen countertop to be made from?

Will you hire an interior designer to decorate your mansion?

What would you buy for your game room?

How many bedrooms will you have in your mansion?

What kind of flooring would you like in your mansion?

Where will you shop for home decor?

Are you an impulse shopper?

Which U.S. city would you consider settling down in?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Would you build an outdoor kitchen in your mansion?

How much land would you like to have with your mansion?

Which celebrity's home would you most like to see?

What kind of bed would you buy for one of your guest rooms?

Would you hire a professional organizer to organize your walk-in closets?

Is your mansion a long way from your job?

Which room would you have built in your mansion?

What kind of car are you most likely to purchase to park in front of your mansion?

Would you pay an architect to design your mansion?

Does shopping make you happy?

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