Buy Some Things at Spencer's and We'll Tell You How Classy You Are

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It used to be that someone would have to set a dining table, put together a formal outfit, or choose a Halloween costume from The Johnson Smith Catalog to sort out how classy they were. Now we have Spencer's.

It's your kid's first day of school, in kindergarten. What backpack do you get them?

It's your kid's first day of high school. What backpack do you get them?

You've gotten drunk and wake up with body jewelry. Which one did you have put in?

After your first escapade, you went out with the same friends and ended up agreeing to chest jewelry. Which one did you have put in?

Your best friend is having a baby! What do you buy as a gift?

Your college room mate is getting married to the person they've been dating since high school. What do you buy them as a wedding gift?

You're going to visit Rome, which means having to go into a lot of churches. What do you need to bring with you?

Your incurably single colleague is having a housewarming. What do you buy them?

Your sibling just lost a lot of weight and is holding a party to celebrate. You decided to buy a gift. What did you buy?

Your boss's wife just passed away, and you can't make the funeral, so you buy him a present. What was it?

You're starting at a new office, and you want to get something to personalize your cubicle. What is it?

Your mother and father are celebrating a milestone anniversary. What do you buy as a gift for them?

Your best friend has lost their job, moved house, and is starting over in a new town. What do you buy as a housewarming gift?

A local charity invites you to a "business casual" party. What do you wear?

Your neighbors complain that the flag you fly in your lawn is too offensive. What do you replace it with?

You are holding a Fourth of July barbecue, in England. What do you wear?

It's your birthday. You serve drinks in what?

It's your birthday, you wear what shirt?

What game is the game you plan on bringing out at a party at your home?

What game do you hope your hosts will pull out when you are a guest at their party?

You take a date home for the first time. What home-item do you hope will really impress them?

What do you buy to wear to the gym?

What would you bring on vacation to a party beach?

One of your parents is getting remarried. What do you wear to the ceremony?

Your old pal has found religion. What do you buy them as a gift?

Your spouse wants something special for your anniversary. What do you buy?

What's your travel jacket?

What swimsuit would you wear?

What do you buy your kid for their college dorm?

What mask do you wear to a costume party?

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