Buy Some School Supplies and We'll Guess Which Clique You Fit in With!

By: Steven Miller
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SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! Actually, with this quiz, it's back in session! Every year, millions of children, teenagers and adults are heading to office supply stores to stock up for the new year. From Staples to Office Depot, buy some school supplies and we'll tell you which clique you fit in with!

Every July, just when it seems like the summer holiday is finally underway, you'll see a back-to-school commercial pop up. Between the last few weeks of August and the first few weeks of September, you'll see millions of students crowd the office supply stores to stock up. From notebooks to highlighters to pens, which school supplies were you buying?

On a level of 1 to 10, how prepared were you? If you were a jock, you might've been solely focused on your grades so you could continue playing your sport. You probably stuck to the basics of notebooks, pens and pencils. 

For those who were "geeks" or "nerds," your school supply arsenal came more prepared than that! While you had these basics, you probably even had binders, folders, protractors, staplers, and  hard drives! If you were bypassing the school supplies all together, you might've been the slacker. 

School supplies are extremely important to the success of a student. When you bought your school supplies, were you planning to excel like the nerds or coast by like the jocks?

Buy some school supplies with this quiz and we'll tell you which clique you fit in with.

Class is now in session!

What kind of backpack are you going to get?

Are you going to get a pouch for your pens and pencils?

How many pens are you going to buy?

How many different colored pens are you going to get?

Are you going to buy some pencils?

Are you going to invest in a pencil sharpener?

How many different colored highlighters will you get?

Will your shopping list include permanent markers?

Will you get a block eraser?

How many three-ring binders will you purchase?

Will you need a three-hole-punch tool?

Are you going with loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks?

How much graph paper are you going to pick up?

Will you pick up some subject dividers to stay organized?

Are index cards on your list?

How many plastic folders will go into your shopping cart?

What kind of glue are you going to get?

Are Post-It Notes something you think you'll need?

How important is it for you to have some White-Out?

Would a protractor be a worthwhile investment for you?

What kind of ruler do you want to get?

Are scissors a must-have on your list?

Will a graphing calculator be necessary for you this year?

Are you going to get a combination lock?

What will your organizer or calendar look like?

Are you going to put covers on your books to protect them?

How are you going to bring your lunch to school?

What kind of pants or skirts will you be wearing?

Which best describes the shirts or blouses you will be stocking up on?

Which jacket style fits your tastes the best?

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