Build Your Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Which Disney Couple You and Your Significant Other Are

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Someone's wedding day is one of the most important days in a person's life as they are about the commit themselves to another for the rest of their lives. A lot of planning and money goes into making that special day magical. From trying to look perfect in a dress or suit and finding the best location possible, to getting a caterer that will make your favorite flavor of cake and finding a honeymoon destination that is both affordable and hopefully memorable, wedding planning can be a very stressful process. 

Many people take matrimonial inspiration from different places, one of which is the Disney franchise. Some people pay attention to the settings and themes of the movies while others look at the Disney couples, in the hopes that their wedding and relationship will be somewhat like what they see in the movies.

Which of the Disney couples are you and your significant other most like? Will you guys be like Anna and Kristoff from Frozen, like Carl and Ellie from Up, like Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast or like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled? To find out which of those pairs you two are, you should definitely take this quiz.

Are you and your partner planning your wedding together?

How many groom's men and bride's maids will you be having?

What season will your wedding be?

Where are you planning on having your wedding?

Which vehicle do you want to drive away in after the ceremony?

What will the placard on the back of your drive-away vehicle say?

What will people toss as you leave the ceremony?

What is your wedding theme?

If you don't have a traditional wedding cake, what would you do instead?

How are your reception guests going to eat?

How many people will be attending your wedding?

What type of flowers will you choose for the reception?

Will you have a wedding planner?

Which is your favorite traditional wedding activity?

How do you choose your bridesmaid and bestman?

How would you describe the bride's wedding dress style?

What will the groom's clothing style be like?

Which of these is a candidate for a first dance song?

How will you design your wedding invitations?

Who is going to officiate the wedding?

What will your bar be like?

Which of these is most important about your wedding?

What is a traditional wedding activity you won't likely have?

What music style will you ask the DJ to play?

Are you inviting anyone with the sole intent to set them up with someone else?

Where will you be spending your honeymoon?

How are you seating people at the ceremony?

Will you say vows?

Will you be strict to RSVPs?

What time will you shut things down?

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