Build Your Perfect Truck and We'll Guess Which Type of Gun You Are

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If you're going to have the perfect truck, you're going to need a gun to hang in the back window! After you've put together your ideal pickup truck, we'll be able to tell you the type of gun you should consider owning. You might not have your perfect truck in real life, but this quiz will motivate you to up your truck and your gun games!

Throughout this quiz, we'll ask you to choose your favorite vehicular features. We'll also explore how you feel when you drive a truck and how many luxury features you would add at the dealership. Money is no object while putting together your truck, so don't hold back on the things you would really love to have adorning your ride. Once we get a good feel of your love of precision handling, towing capacity, and aesthetics, we're sure we'll be able to tell you which type of gun you are most like. Will you be a Tommy Gun or a Colt 45? 

If you've always wanted to be a gun, start with designing the truck of your dreams! The way you install a bed liner will point us in the direction of you as a gun! Let's get customizing!

Which cab style do you prefer?

How big do you want the box?

Which engine do you want?

How many gears do you want in your transmission?

Which trim level do you want?

What paint color do you prefer?

How fancy do you want your equipment group?

Which appearance package do you buy?

Which of these packages is most important to you?

Do you go for the $775 off-road package?

Do you spring for the heavy duty payload package?

How fancy do you go with the interior packages?

What bed customization do you like the look of?

What wheels do you want on your rig?

What wing mirror options do you go for?

What lighting extras do you want?

What rear window do you want?

Which advanced option do you like the sound of?

What tidiness accessory is a must for you?

What axle do you want?

What tires do you want?

What interior leather color do you want?

What floor mats do you want?

What audio option "sounds" good to you?

What bumper sticker goes on the back of your truck?

What adorns your trailer hitch?

What sticker goes in your rear window?

What bobblehead goes on your dash?

What stuffed animal gets strapped to your grille?

What aftermarket product do you add to your truck?

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