Build Your Perfect Truck and We'll Tell You Which Horse You Are!

By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

Whether you want a dependable truck that can tow any load or a tricked-out ride with horsepower and flair, we've got the equine breed that matches your ideal vehicle.

How much towing capacity do you want?

Are you going to get a bed rail cap?

How important is it to have a cargo net on your truck?

Are you going to get a cargo box?

What cab design do you want?

Are you more Ford or Chevy?

Would you consider a truck that was made outside the US?

Are you going to add some accent lighting to the exterior of your truck?

What will the exterior paint job look like?

Do you want a truck that is agile or one that can handle any load?

What kind of interior do you want?

Single or dual exhaust?

Single or dually rear wheels?

What kind of hubcaps are you going to get?

Are you going to get a personalized license plate?

Are you going to add any fog lights?

Will you throw a winch on there?

What kind of tires will you put on your truck?

Are you going to hang anything from your rear-view mirror?

Will you add any extra speakers in your ride?

Do you have any interest in lifting or dropping your ride?

Will you add a lining to your bed?

Do you have any interest in buying a camper for your bed?

Are you going to get a bed cover?

Would some tie-downs be helpful for your rig?

Are you going to put any bumper stickers on your ride?

How important is it for your truck to have all the latest technology?

Do you need a gun rack for your truck?

Will you get a protective screen for your grille?

Will you tint your windows?

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